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Bridesmaid Gift Baskets

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Bridesmaids

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Your bridesmaids were there for you before and at the big day! Be sure you thank them for being there tocookie bouquet lean on when times were tough and during all the fun. Bisket Baskets has plenty of gifts that you can send them after the festivities to say thank you. Here are a few favorites to send:

  • A floral cookie bouquet is a cute way to say thanks! When they receive it, they’ll have a hard time deciding to keep it as it is or dig into the delicious sugar cookies!
  • Sweets not their thing? Then send a real bouquet. A happy looking floral bouquet and a thoughtful note is sure to get the gratitude across to a good friend.
  • Celebrate them with a bottle of champagne! They’ll toast your friendship when they relax with a glass. Extra points if you get them chocolates to go with it.

Bisket Baskets has these and plenty of other bubbly, fun gifts to thank your bridesmaids gifts with. Shop now to send a cookie bouquet, gift basket, or something super thoughtful right to their door. Just be sure to add a personalized note with your gift. We’re sure they’ll love whatever you pick out!

3 Meal Gift Baskets to Give at a Bridal Shower

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When you’re at a bridal shower, you’ll see plenty of gifts of sheets, plates, cups and more. One giftBisketBaskets_Blog1_July2016 you won’t see a lot of but would make an excellent gift to give a newly married couple is one of our delicious meal gift baskets! Here are three we think would make a unique and useful gift to give any newlyweds.

Hearty Chili Fixins’ Dinner Gift Basket – If there’s one meal that will certainly never go out of style, it’s chili! Give the gift of a hearty, scrumptious meal to the newlyweds you know with our Hearty Chili Fixins’ Dinner Gift Basket. It’s a perfect way to give them a meal that will stick to their ribs!

Pizza & Munchies Care Package When the newlyweds get into their first place together, the last thing they’ll want to do is cook a huge meal. Give them the gift of snacks and pizza with our Pizza & Munchies Care Package! It’s a great gift to give because, well, who doesn’t love pizza and crunchy snacks?

Barbeque Grill Master Gift – If your newlyweds like to spend their time outdoors and entertaining, our Barbeque Grill Master Gift is perfect for them! It has plenty of good grilling tools, delicious barbeque seasonings, and even a tray to serve it all out on.

Want to see the rest of our unique meal gift baskets? Head on over to today!

3 Best Bridesmaid Gift Baskets to Give Your Bridal Party

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Planning a wedding is a big task. But if you’re lucky, you have the best girlfriends by your side helpingBB2-Blog2_June2016 you through each step. Thank them for keeping you sane through the process (and life) with one of our bridesmaid gift baskets. With one of these, it’ll be a big day for them too!

Simple Pleasures of CoffeeBeing a bridesmaid can be tiring – so many decorations, so little time. Help your bridal party stay energized and thank them for their tireless work with this gift tower. We have everything you need to enjoy your cup of joe: a whimsical mug, some delicious coffee, a little something to nosh on, and a good book.
Cosmopolitan GiftIt’s finally the day you all have been waiting for – the bachelorette party! Giving your favorite girls one of these packages gives you a fun and yummy activity to do on your big night. Mix in your choice of alcohol with the delicious Cosmorita included, blend, and relax with the lovely ladies surrounding you.
Go for the Gold Gift TowerDon’t settle for an average gift for your bridal party – go for the gold! They’re your best friends and they’ve helped you through this process, so they deserve something nice and shiny. This gift tower includes a little bit of everything from sweets to treats to meats – all the great things your bridesmaids could hope for.
If one of these isn’t the perfect way to thank your friends, we have plenty more to choose from at!

Sweet Gift Baskets for Bridesmaids!

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Having been a bridesmaid many times in my life, I know firsthand that there is a lot of work and stress going on behind the scenes. Naturally, things are much more hectic for the couple tying the knot, but groomsmen and bridesmaids have their fair share of things to do and keep in mind, too! Add to that their excitement that two of their favorite people are about to be married, and you have the perfect recipe for what I refer to as a ‘snack scenario.’

What exactly is a snack scenario? Simply put, it’s the perfect storm of a situation in which the likely result is greater-than-average snack consumption. It could be a television marathon of your favorite show; it could be that the kiddos haven’t stopped saying your name since they woke up. It could be spending a week on vacation with a best friend; it could be a lot of things!

We all know that we aren’t supposed to eat cookies when we’re stressed or make food the center of every celebration, but knowing it doesn’t necessarily stop us. When things in life get a little too hectic for words, sometimes the only ‘person’ who knows the right thing to say is a candy bar! And sometimes when everything is going right and you’re as happy as can be, you can’t help but treat yourself to an ice cream sundae or large slice of cake.

Stress and celebration are tied to food for many of us, and as long as you don’t overindulge too much everything is usually OK. However, when there’s a formal occasion on the horizon for which you must fit into a gown tailored just for you, there simply isn’t room to go overboard on Oreos! And that is precisely why our bridesmaid gift baskets brimming with delicious delights are such a thoughtful, fun selection. Chances are good that every one of your bridesmaids has had to just say ‘no’ to more than one cupcake in recent weeks and months to be 100% sure her dress fit perfectly on your special day. And while you’ll be waking up the morning after your wedding with your honeymoon on your mind, your bridesmaids will be digging into their flower-shaped cookie bouquet for breakfast! 🙂

Romantic Gift Basket Ideas for Many Occasions!

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When most of us think of romantic gifts, the first things that come to mind include flowers, chocolates, jewelry and weekend getaways. These are all wonderful ideas on their own, but can really make an impact when they are tied together. By their very nature, gift baskets are a tied-together gift, packed with indulgent treats, sweets, eats and more! And whether you’ll be giving them on their own, or incorporating one of the gifts mentioned above, we have some ideas to make the occasion even more memorable and special. Let’s take a look at a few popular choices for events that center around romance…

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets – Ahh, the holiday of love! Cupid is working overtime on arrow duty, and couples everywhere are enjoying some much-needed quality time together to focus on one another and how important their relationship is in their lives. Just as no two relationships are identical, neither are the Valentine’s Day gift baskets that would be perfect for your lovely lady or gentleman. Our selection includes awesome options for all tastes, whether your cutie loves cookies, candy, champagne or roses!

Bridesmaid Gift Baskets – While your friendship with your bridesmaids isn’t romantic unto itself, it’s likely these special ladies in your life are more familiar with your relationship than anyone else! The bond we share with our closest girlfriends in unlike any other in our lives. Many if not all of your bridesmaids have been with you through thick and thin – an eager ear on the other end of the phone to hear about every aspect of your relationship from the first date to the ring! Honor that priceless friendship with a beautiful bridesmaid gift basket you know she’ll love. Chances are different baskets will appeal to different friends, so it’s a good thing we have such a spectacular selection!

Grand Champagne Gift Basket – Perfect for popping the question! Whether you’re planning to propose at home, or while away together on vacation, our Grand Champagne Gift Basket helps you set the mood while providing all the necessary celebration essentials. If you will be surprising that special someone with a trip, consider gifting this beforehand and tucking the travel tickets or accommodations information inside for them to unveil. You can then suggest you bring the basket along to enjoy while you’re away, and either tuck the ring inside for them to find, or simply keep it close by when you do propose so champagne is at the ready!

A Gourmet Caramel Apple A Day…

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…Keeps the frowns away!

We all know the old adage about “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but what about an apple covered with caramel, chocolate, and decadent toppings like peanuts and sprinkles? Easy – it keeps a smile on all the faces we care about in our lives and is an excellent way to say thank you, just thinking of you, congratulations, and so much more!

After months of careful planning, taste-testing, and selecting only the most delicious Gourmet Caramel Apples, we’re so excited to bring our gourmet caramel apples selection to you! We regularly seek out new and scrumptious products for our website that we think loyal customers like you will just adore, at prices you’ll love, too. Let’s explore our new gourmet caramel apples collection, at prices so delicious that even teachers give them an A+!

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $13

Searching for a cute gift to thank a teacher for his or her hard work and motivation, a co-worker for a job well-done, or a “just because” gift for a special person in your life who needs a smile? We’re proud to bring you our affordable M&M Caramel Apple, Spring Sprinkle Caramel Apple with Peanuts, and our Sweetheart Sprinkle Caramel Apple.

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $16

Go one step up for gifting occasions like thanking a host or hostess, welcoming a couple into their new home, or as part of a new baby or bridal shower gift. Think gourmet caramel apples like our tantalizing Butter Pecan Caramel Apple, Jumbo Cashew Caramel Apple, and our Dirt and Worms Caramel Apple!

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $20

It really is true that you don’t have to spend a fortune to gift a truly memorable gift. Gift our more deluxe gourmet caramel apples on their own or as part of a larger gift. For weddings or bridesmaid gifts, go for our luxe Oreo Caramel Apple. Meeting the in-laws? Select our Rocky Road Turtle Caramel Apple with Belgian Milk Chocolate to make the right first impression. Saying “I Love You” for the first, or fiftieth time? Feed that love with a Pistachio Turtle Caramel Apple!

We’re so pleased to finally debut our Gourmet Caramel Apples! Our team of gifting experts will be regularly reviewing new products, so keep your eyes peeled for even more delicious treats to-come here at Bisket Baskets. Have you enjoyed one (or several!) of our gourmet caramel apples? Leave a comment to tell us how delicious it was!

5 Ways To De-stress Before The Wedding

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Weddings are a wonderful time, full of happiness for both the couple-to-be and their supportive bridal party. Yet, planning a wedding certainly isn’t easy, especially if you’re working to be as budget-conscious as possible. The last few weeks before the wedding are bound to have their tense moments, but with the right de-stressing techniques, you and your bridal party can relax and enjoy the experience! We’ve chatted with more than a few brides and bridesmaids as they discussed our Bridesmaid Gift Baskets with us, and we heard de-stressing tips ranging from spa days to simply writing a checklist!

Tip #1: Jot it all down.

Can writing a simple checklist of all that’s left on your plate really help reduce stress? Yes! Rather than worrying yourself trying to remember all those remaining “to-do’s”, jot them down! Sure, you’ll still need to accomplish them, but you’ve got them down on paper and off your mind.

Tip #2: Don’t sweat it – sweat together, instead!

Don’t sweat the stress – by sweating together! Get your bridesmaids together and go for a run, attend a yoga class, or other group athletic activities. Exercise does wonders on your ability to relax and combat stress, and will also inject happiness boosters into your and your bridal party.

Tip #3: Gift happiness.

We’ve often said how gifting others can not only increase their happiness levels, but can increase yours, as well. We know you’re strapped on time, so take a few minutes to select some of our Bridesmaid Gift Baskets and order them directly to your door – or surprise your bridesmaids by having it arrive at their door! They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll feel happier knowing that you’re showing how thankful you are for their support. Two of our bride-to-be favorites for bridesmaids are our Cosmopolitan Gift Basket filled with “Cosmorita” mix and scrumptious cookies, and our Godiva Coffee Lover Gift Baskets, filled with Godiva coffee, cookies, and delicious cookies.

Tip #4: Plan a spa day.

Get your bridal party together (hey, even guys like massages!) and book a spa day at a local spa. Many spas will offer a range of different services for your bridal party to choose, along with serving beverages and a light lunch. Check into any available group discounts.

Tip #5: Get away for the weekend.

In times of stress, it helps to get a little perspective on our lives, and one of the best ways to do that is to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Plan a small weekend getaway with your husband-to-be or with a few bridesmaids. If you can’t afford a weekend getaway right now, plan a weekend “staycation” at home – clear your weekend “to-do” list from Friday night to Sunday night, and fill your weekend with only activities that will relax you.

Brides and Bridesmaids – Show Each Other Love With Bridesmaid Gift Baskets!

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Wedding planning stirs up a mix of emotions – there’s times of stress during wedding planning (oh no, the place cards are incorrect?!) and also times of great joy. But even more prevalent is the firm undercurrent of love and appreciation between not only the couple-to-be, but between the bride and her bridesmaids. Brides typically choose bridesmaids based on the friends they feel closest with, and her bridesmaids do their best to support the bride in her wedding decisions and even help lighten some of the load of wedding planning. It’s important for both brides and bridesmaids to “give back” to each other in appreciation and friendship, and we have some great ideas for you!

Bridesmaid Gift Baskets

Brides, gift your bridesmaids:

  • We know you’re already busy and have barely a free minute to shop for a gift! We’ve worked with many a bride in choosing gifts from our Bridesmaid Gift Baskets collection, and have only heard “oohs and ahhs” in return! They’re filled with all those girly-delights that bridesmaids will just adore, and packaged beautifully to put an instant smile on their faces!
  • Remember having sleepovers with the girls when you were a kid? Do it again! Grab some pizza, a unique martini creation if you’re all over 21, a few rom-coms, and have a fun and relaxing girl’s night in.
  • Gift them spa gift certificates – to be used after the wedding! It can be hard to really stop and enjoy yourself before the wedding, so gifting a spa gift certificate to be used after the wedding is a neat way to say thank you and help the girls relax.

Bridesmaids, gift your bride:

  • Make it a group gift. With the other bridesmaids, choose a specific room in the bride’s home, such as her bathroom. Choose various items for that room that each of you will buy, and together gift her all she needs for that room!
  • Our Bridesmaids Gift Baskets section may imply these gifts are for bridesmaids, but bridesmaids can also get together and purchase one or a few bridesmaid gift baskets for the bride, too! Our Bridesmaids Spa Gift is perfect for the honeymoon, as is our Go For The Gold Gift Tower for the bride and groom to munch on after the wedding reception.
  • Are they honeymooning at a resort or specific vacation spot? Call the hotel concierge and see if you and the bridesmaids can surprise the newlyweds with a couples massage, scuba dive, or swanky night out!

It’s so important to take a few minutes for brides and bridesmaids to show appreciation for each other and say thank you for always being there. Bridesmaid Gift Baskets are a very pretty (and quick!) gift, and you can always pair it with a smaller, more personal gift. Happy wedding planning!