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Candy Bouquets

Candy Gift Baskets to Send this Easter

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Easter is coming up soon and many are starting to put together their Easter baskets. However, what do 1you do if you have someone who lives far away? Or, what if you don’t have time to make a basket for someone? You can find the perfect Easter candy gift baskets to send to your loved ones on! You can choose from a number of Easter gifts and baskets that look like they were put together by the Easter Bunny himself! These are a few baskets that anyone will love:

  • The Hoppin Fun Easter Gift Basket ($57.99) has all of the best Easter goodies in a colorful basket. It has filled Easter eggs, candy, cookies, and a soft plush bunny.
  • Send a colorful bunny and a couple yummy Easter treats with the Easter Nibbles ($24.99) basket. It also has a fun reusable container too!
  • Want to give a basket that will spread the most Easter cheer? The Peter Cottontail Easter Basket ($58.99) has cookies, candies, a balloon, a soft plush bunny, and a chocolate Easter bunny all packed into a spring basket.

Be sure you order your candy gift baskets soon so they arrive in time for Easter! Shop more Easter options at, where you’ll find gourmet cookies, baskets, and more.

3 Fun Father’s Day Gifts

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bb2Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad how much he’s appreciated. These fun gifts are sure to bring a smile to his face!

Radical Reese’s Candy BouquetIf your dad has a fondness for chocolate and peanut butter, this is one candy bouquet he’s sure to love. One of our favorites here at Bisket Baskets, this bouquet features a variety of Reese’s candies in an attractive arrangement. Various sizes are available.

Gourmet Pizza Making KitWhat dad doesn’t love to eat pizza? With our Gourmet Pizza Making Kit, you’re able to give your Pops the gift of making his own pizza! It’s complete with a pizza stone, a pizza cutter, and all the ingredients to make the perfect pie for Father’s Day.

Dad’s Barbeque Gift – Dads and grills go hand-in-hand, and by giving him this Dad’s Barbeque Gift – the grill tongs will never leave his hand. It has plenty of grill essentials like spices, rubs, tongs, and more! Giving your father this gift for his special day is a win-win: he gets an incredible Father’s Day gift, and you get to reap the benefits of his delicious grill creations!

Want to shop all of our Father’s Day gifts? Visit us today at!

5 Great Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

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If you think gift baskets are boring, think again. The following is a list of fun and unexpected gift basketsbb1 that are sure to please.

BBQ baskets. Nothing says “summer fun” like a BBQ gift basket filled with grilling essentials. The Barbeque Grill Master basket is presented on a themed Melamine tray and includes spicy Parmesan corn seasoning, pistachios, Texas rub, grill mates seasonings, beef summer sausage, beer biscuits, wooden handle utensils, and themed dish towels.

Thank you baskets. Why say it with flowers when you can say it with a bouquet of adorable cookies? The Thanks a Buzzillion cookie bouquet does just that with hand-decorated sugar cookies in honey vanilla, lemon and vanilla flavors.

Bridesmaid baskets. Treat your bridesmaids to something sweet with a variety of candy gift baskets. Whether it’s Reese’s, Ghirardelli’s, Skittles, or M&Ms, there’s sure to be a candy bouquet that will satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.

Pet and pet lover baskets. There are dozens of cute and creative baskets to choose from especially designed for dogs, cats and for those who love them. Know a pup who’s feeling under the weather? Try the Sick as a Dog gift basket that includes a variety of high-quality, healthy pet treats sure to tickle the tummy. A plush toy is also included and the entire “basket” is presented in an adorable paw print decorative box.

Get well baskets. What if your favorite human isn’t feeling well? There’s a basket for that, too. The Get Well Soon gift includes comfort food favorites such as Ranch House chicken and pasta soup, classic lemon drops, Ernest Hemingway Highland Select Tea, butterscotch candies, and hand-iced butter cookies with royal icing in a “Get Well Soon” themed box.

No matter what, there’s sure to be a gift basket perfect for the occasion.

Chocolate Gift Baskets Help Make the Perfect Girls’ Night In!

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Having a girls’ night in with your best friends is always a great time! Here are some great tips to plan the perfect girls’ night that all your friends will be raving about!

Pamper Yourselves: Everyone loves some extra special treatment! Stock up on some face masks, nail polish, hair products and makeup so that you and your friends can give themselves that much needed TLC.

Movies: From horror movies to rom-coms, pick a movie from each genre so that everyone can decide on the perfect movie to watch!

Wine: This idea, of course, is only for those legal to drink! But the perfect Chardonnay or Champagne is a great idea for girls’ night in. Sip wine and feel glamorous as you gossip and primp yourselves.

Food/Snacks: Perhaps the most necessary thing you need for the best girls’ night in is yummy munchies. It’s always best to go with salty and sweet but if you’re drinking wine, chocolate is the perfect pair!

At Bisket Baskets, we offer a great Custom Candy Bouquet that you can stuff with all types of snacks and chips! This way, you can have a little of something so that everyone will find a snack they love! Your friends will love the big selection of full-sized chocolate and snacks and coo at the cute basket it arrives in. Order any of our delectable chocolate gift baskets today at today!

Show You Care With One of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

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That special time of year is right around the corner, and you have to make sure that you don’t miss it. bb4We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, of course! Don’t forget your sweetheart this February 14th and grab them something you know they’ll love – one of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets. Here are three of our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets that we know will make it crystal clear just how much you care for your other half this year.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy Bouquet – This delicious array of Ghirardelli Chocolates is an ideal gift for your sweetie – especially if they’re chocolate-crazy! It comes in a gorgeous arrangement of the iconic chocolate bars, displayed like a bouquet of flowers. Who wouldn’t love being surprised with someone that looks like a bouquet of flowers, but tastes like chocolate?

Champagne & Caviar Luxury Hamper – Does your significant other love the luxurious things in life? Our Champagne & Caviar Luxury Hamper has all that and more for their Valentine’s Day gift! With two splits of Champagne, Saraivanov caviar, and some fancy snacks to go with it, you’re sure to make your other-half say ‘Oo-La-La!’ when getting this Valentine’s Day gift basket as a surprise!

Heart Mug Gift – Something small, simple, but thoughtful, our Heart Mug Gift shows your loved one that your gift is coming straight from where it counts this Valentine’s Day. With an adorably-decorated heart mug and matching festive box, your Valentine will be sure to get the message that your heart is there’s this holiday.

Want to take a look at what else we have to offer in our Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets? Visit us and shop them today – only at!

Chocolate Gift Baskets – The Perfect Gift For Anyone

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Chocolate – it’s one of nature’s greatest creations, and now you can enjoy its heavenly flavor when you receive one of ourchocolate gift baskets. Whether you’d like to surprise that special someone with the perfect gift or deliver a delicious care package to a friend, you simply cannot go wrong with one of our chocolate gift baskets! We have the best chocolate gift baskets around with arrangements for any occasion. Here are three that we particularly love!

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy Bouquet – If the stunning arrangement of this basket doesn’t captivate you, its glorious palette certainly will! This chocolate gift basket is every chocolate lover’s fondest dream with its signature creamy texture and melt-in-your mouth goodness. This arrangement is loaded with Ghirardelli chocolates to satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Radical Reese’s Candy Bouquet – We all have that friend who goes gaga over Reese’s peanut butter every time. Maybe that certain somebody is you! In either case, it should come as no surprise to you that this is one of our most popular chocolate gift baskets. Chocolate and peanut butter have never tasted better! Enjoy this Radical Reese’s Candy Bouquet on any occasion.

3. M&M’s Care Package – Now this makes for one sweet gift idea! What better way to show that special friend or colleague in your life that you care than by sending them our M&M’s Care Package?

Father’s Day Gift Baskets Every Great Dad Deserves!

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Whether you’re looking for a great Father’s Day gift for your own dad, your husband, or even a brother or uncle whose proud parenting skills have always impressed you, you’ve likely already discovered that a lot of stores are putting out the same displays. Common gift suggestions for dads include tools, lawn equipment, ties, socks and grill accessories. Even if these things interest your dad, chances are good he’s already received them enough times to not need a new one of any of the above!

Also – most of the above gift ideas aren’t really something special just for him. Even if he’s happy to have a new gardening rake, is that really a gift that lets him know you love him and want to spoil him a bit on his day? We can’t speak for every dad out there, of course. But we do think that quite a few of them would much rather receive one of our Father’s Day gift baskets than a new wrench!

Is your dad a candy fan? Consider one of our many candy bouquets. There’s even a chip bouquet in the mix if he’s more of a salty snack kind of guy. Next time he settles in to watch his favorite show, the news or the game, he’ll really get to dig in! Another popular choice for dads is our Around the World Beer Gift Basket. Filled with your choice of International beers or American IPAs, as well as yummy bar snacks like beer nuts and Virginia peanuts, this gift set is just about guaranteed to be received with a bigger smile than a pair of socks!

Easter Gift Basket Bouquets: Chocolate Gets Us All Hippity Hoppity Happy!

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Have we told you lately how much we love chocolate? We try not to say it too often, as it’s pretty much a universal love. Apart from eating chocolate alone, people find all manner of ways to incorporate it into their everyday lives. There’s chocolate flavored ice cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes and pies, chocolate syrup, and chocolate dipped fruits. There are of course millions of other chocolate creations, but you get the drift!

Chocolate is a decadent, divine, delicious thing, and most people melt at the mere mention of the word when offered a piece. So in this post we’ll be highlighting some of our chocolatiest Easter gift baskets, perfect for sending some of the sweetest stuff on Earth to someone special on your list…

Reese’s Easter Candy Bouquet – Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Candy is Better, Don’t You Think So, Too? Because we do! And to say this Reese’s gift brings on the peanut butter and chocolate in spades is an understatement. Artfully arranged to replicate a flower bouquet, this candy bouquet is made up of sweet stems of treats. Available in 3 sizes, it’s easy to find the one that best fits your budget or the recipient’s appetite.

Easter Candy Bouquet Assortment – Does your favorite chocolate lover also count non-chocolate candies as a must-have? This charming and colorful variety bouquet certainly serves up some chocolate, but also works other Fun Size treats into the mix. Candies might include Butterfinger Eggs, Starburst, Skittles, M&M’s Minis, and more.

Extreme Reese’s and M&M’s Easter Basket – Can’t decide if you want to send M&M’s or Reese’s? With this basket, there’s no wrong answer! Bursting with plenty of both, to include both full size and fun size packs, this Easter basket is perfect for the chocolate lover who likes to mix things up. Like all our basket bouquets, this style is designed to look great from the front and the back. It also tastes great from every angle!

A Gift Basket for Yourself? Why Not!

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Most of us have at some point experienced the conundrum of trying to stay focused on shopping for a gift and instead finding something we wanted for ourselves. I know it happens to me several times every year when I’m out Christmas shopping, and I always feel guilty coming home with presents for me! But hey – it’s only natural to find things we personally like when we’re browsing several sites or shopping in several stores. And if we happen to pick up something small here and there, chances are good we deserve it.

Despite my coming to terms with the fact that when I shop for friends’ and family members’ gifts I am likely to treat myself to something as well, I had never really considered buying myself a gift basket. Being surrounded by gift baskets every day, you might think we take home our favorites all the time, but we don’t! We do send our favorites as gifts fairly often, but I had never gifted myself with one. Until last Halloween, that is.

As I was going on and on about the cuteness of a Halloween cookie bouquet for what must have been the tenth time that week, a coworker simply asked, “Why don’t you get one for yourself?” It was a simple enough question, but it caught me off-guard. A gift basket for myself, I thought? It seemed so indulgent somehow! But the more cookie bouquets I put together that season, the more that particular one appealed to me. I loved it, and I wanted one of my own. So – I did it! I got myself a Halloween cookie bouquet. And I set it on my kitchen counter, and I admired it, and I ate it. And I can’t wait to do it again this year!

If you want something bad enough, sometimes you just have to go out and get it for yourself, whether it’s a degree, a new job, or a gift basket! I hope you’ll consider treating yourself to one of your favorites as well. It feels pretty great to get exactly what you wanted from someone special. 🙂

Back-To-School Gift Baskets Add Some Sweetness to a New Beginning

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No matter how many years pass, I still remember the excitement of deciding which outfit I would wear for the first day of school. Sure, there was some sadness that the lazy days of summer were over, but a new year in a new class coupled with seeing my friends every day helped whisk that sadness away!

The first day of school is exciting, though it can seem a bit scary at times. Having attended the same school district from Kindergarten through my senior year in high school, I didn’t realize exactly how scary until I went to college. Suddenly there were all these people I didn’t know, without a single familiar face in the crowd to ease my anxiety.

I had always been sympathetic toward new students and how alone they must feel, but feeling it for the first time myself I realized I hadn’t a clue. And to think – many of them were young children, and I was essentially an adult! In the coming days and weeks things got a lot less scary and a lot more awesome, but what helped me along the way was indulging in familiar things that reminded me of home and who I was.

What got me thinking about my first day of freshman year was a conversation with a friend the other day. She mentioned that she couldn’t believe her son was going off to college already, and that she and her husband would be driving him there this weekend to get settled in. I couldn’t believe how quickly those 18 years had passed, or how quickly the summer had passed, for that matter! But one thing I know for sure is that once she’s back I’ll be asking for her son’s dorm address so I can send him a little something I know he loves – Skittles! I’m confident the Skittle-licious candy bouquet will bring a smile to his face, and hope that by the time it arrives, he’ll have made some new friends to share it with.

Is someone special in your life heading to school soon? Consider a back-to-school gift basket to celebrate their dedication while offering some candy or cookie comfort! Whether they’re a college freshman, high school freshman, or getting on that bus for the first time to head off to Kindergarten, a sweet treat makes for an even sweeter surprise. 🙂

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