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Gourmet Easter Baskets

Candy Gift Baskets to Send this Easter

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Easter is coming up soon and many are starting to put together their Easter baskets. However, what do 1you do if you have someone who lives far away? Or, what if you don’t have time to make a basket for someone? You can find the perfect Easter candy gift baskets to send to your loved ones on! You can choose from a number of Easter gifts and baskets that look like they were put together by the Easter Bunny himself! These are a few baskets that anyone will love:

  • The Hoppin Fun Easter Gift Basket ($57.99) has all of the best Easter goodies in a colorful basket. It has filled Easter eggs, candy, cookies, and a soft plush bunny.
  • Send a colorful bunny and a couple yummy Easter treats with the Easter Nibbles ($24.99) basket. It also has a fun reusable container too!
  • Want to give a basket that will spread the most Easter cheer? The Peter Cottontail Easter Basket ($58.99) has cookies, candies, a balloon, a soft plush bunny, and a chocolate Easter bunny all packed into a spring basket.

Be sure you order your candy gift baskets soon so they arrive in time for Easter! Shop more Easter options at, where you’ll find gourmet cookies, baskets, and more.

Chocolate Gift Baskets – The Perfect Gift For Anyone

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Chocolate – it’s one of nature’s greatest creations, and now you can enjoy its heavenly flavor when you receive one of ourchocolate gift baskets. Whether you’d like to surprise that special someone with the perfect gift or deliver a delicious care package to a friend, you simply cannot go wrong with one of our chocolate gift baskets! We have the best chocolate gift baskets around with arrangements for any occasion. Here are three that we particularly love!

1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Candy Bouquet – If the stunning arrangement of this basket doesn’t captivate you, its glorious palette certainly will! This chocolate gift basket is every chocolate lover’s fondest dream with its signature creamy texture and melt-in-your mouth goodness. This arrangement is loaded with Ghirardelli chocolates to satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Radical Reese’s Candy Bouquet – We all have that friend who goes gaga over Reese’s peanut butter every time. Maybe that certain somebody is you! In either case, it should come as no surprise to you that this is one of our most popular chocolate gift baskets. Chocolate and peanut butter have never tasted better! Enjoy this Radical Reese’s Candy Bouquet on any occasion.

3. M&M’s Care Package – Now this makes for one sweet gift idea! What better way to show that special friend or colleague in your life that you care than by sending them our M&M’s Care Package?

Easter Gift Basket Bouquets: Chocolate Gets Us All Hippity Hoppity Happy!

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Have we told you lately how much we love chocolate? We try not to say it too often, as it’s pretty much a universal love. Apart from eating chocolate alone, people find all manner of ways to incorporate it into their everyday lives. There’s chocolate flavored ice cream, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate cakes and pies, chocolate syrup, and chocolate dipped fruits. There are of course millions of other chocolate creations, but you get the drift!

Chocolate is a decadent, divine, delicious thing, and most people melt at the mere mention of the word when offered a piece. So in this post we’ll be highlighting some of our chocolatiest Easter gift baskets, perfect for sending some of the sweetest stuff on Earth to someone special on your list…

Reese’s Easter Candy Bouquet – Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Candy is Better, Don’t You Think So, Too? Because we do! And to say this Reese’s gift brings on the peanut butter and chocolate in spades is an understatement. Artfully arranged to replicate a flower bouquet, this candy bouquet is made up of sweet stems of treats. Available in 3 sizes, it’s easy to find the one that best fits your budget or the recipient’s appetite.

Easter Candy Bouquet Assortment – Does your favorite chocolate lover also count non-chocolate candies as a must-have? This charming and colorful variety bouquet certainly serves up some chocolate, but also works other Fun Size treats into the mix. Candies might include Butterfinger Eggs, Starburst, Skittles, M&M’s Minis, and more.

Extreme Reese’s and M&M’s Easter Basket – Can’t decide if you want to send M&M’s or Reese’s? With this basket, there’s no wrong answer! Bursting with plenty of both, to include both full size and fun size packs, this Easter basket is perfect for the chocolate lover who likes to mix things up. Like all our basket bouquets, this style is designed to look great from the front and the back. It also tastes great from every angle!

Easter Gift Baskets and Treats – We Just ‘Hoppen’ to Have the Best!

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In our last blog post – Building Beautiful Gift Baskets: More Than Meets The Eye! – we gave a tidy breakdown of everything that goes into creating an attractive, memorable gift basket. This includes not only time, skill, patience and passion, but the cost of all the necessary supplies as well.

With Easter on the near horizon, and Easter being possibly the most basket-centered of all holidays, we thought it only fitting to highlight a few Easter gift baskets you might want to consider instead of putting together your own from scratch. Not only will each ensure your loved ones know you’re thinking of them fondly on this special day, but they’ll also get to enjoy an abundance of tempting treats artfully arranged for a truly photo-worthy gift. Plus, you save the time, gas, and frustration of putting together a basket yourself. No worries that the store will be sold out of all the pretty baskets, or the most mouthwatering treats. We stocked up to be sure we have enough! Let’s take a peek at 3 popular Easter gift baskets and treats for every budget…

Gourmet Caramel Apples – $12.99 – These are almost too pretty to eat, but also too delicious not to! Bisket Baskets is proud to offer Amy’s Gourmet Apples, tempting treats from a company that has been serving up the sweetness for over 15 years. An affordable indulgence accented with a shiny, seasonal bow, this jumbo Granny Smith apple is smothered in buttery caramel and rolled in a heavenly sprinkle and peanut mix. Sweet and nutty, the texture and flavor are decadently delightful.

Easter Cookie Care Package – $36.99 – Is the sweet-lover on your list more of a ‘cookie person’ than a ‘candy person’? Make their day even more special with this adorable box of beauties! Each of the truly scrumptious cookies is artfully hand-decorated, making them as tasty as they are attractive. Also included is a snuggly soft plush Easter Bunny that will surely last longer than the cookies do! They can bring him out every year and remember your thoughtful gift.

Happy Easter Gift Basket – $62.99 – This eye-catching Easter gift basket offers up oodles of flavorful fun! Inside the gorgeous woven basket your lucky giftee will find a Bissinger’s Milk Chocolate Bunny, Gourmet Jelly Beans, Hand-decorated Easter cookies, Ghirardelli Squares and more! This Easter gift is also a great choice if you want to send something a whole family can enjoy. They’ll just have to fight over the bunny ears!

Easter Gift Baskets – Not Just For Kids!

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Easter tends to have a more kid-friendly connotation to it, what with the cuddly Easter Bunny, kid’s Easter egg hunts, and of course all those scrumptious chocolates and candies. Us grown-ups can appreciate the Easter bunny, have fun at Easter egg hunts, and happily enjoy chocolate candy, so who says we can’t send and receive Easter Gift Baskets for Adults?! After all, age is only a number; and we’re of the mindset that chocolate is even more delicious as we age!

Easter Gift Baskets For Adults

Easter Gift Baskets For Adults

Let’s take an Easter morning stroll through our Easter gift baskets designed with grown-ups in mind (and well, the kids can enjoy them too, we suppose!):

  • Lindt Easter Gift Basket – Now, we’re not saying the kids won’t love Lindt chocolates, but as an adult, we know the Lindt brand and tend to well, adore it. An entire Lindt chocolate bunny? Oh, oh my.
  • Ghirardelli Easter Basket – The kids are mighty pleased with their Snickers and Cadbury, but us adults have more refined chocolate tastes. Sure, we’ll snag a Kit Kat from their Easter basket, but Dark Raspberry, Almond, Luxe Milk, and Hazelnut Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars? Easter is my new favorite holiday!
  • Sweet Easter Basket – What was the first thing you did with your Easter basket on Easter morning, as a kid? Ripped it open, of course! As an adult, we tend to appreciate the nicer things in life – like the pink and green cherry blossom container that holds the raspberry tea cookies and keylime taffy chews in our Sweet Easter Basket. Perfect for holding all of those little items, like our keys and pens, that would otherwise have a tendency to run away on us!
  • Easter Gift Tower – want to send or receive the ultimate Easter gift basket for adults? Our seven-tiered Easter Gift Tower is absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. It’s filled with seven layers of scrumptious goodies – from lemon drops to white cheddar popcorn to perfectly baked cookies.

So who says kids have all the fun? We think Easter can be just as fun as an adult, so inject some extra fun in it this year for you and the fellow grown-ups, and gift Easter Gift Baskets!

Celebrating Easter Gift Basket Traditions

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Many of us have treasured holiday traditions – like enjoying Christmas Eve dinner together, whipping up pork on New Year’s Day, and filling an Easter basket with candy treats and Easter dinner goodies. We decided to do a bit of research on some of the common Easter Gift Basket traditions out there, and were so pleased to see such rich tradition only continuing – it’s really interesting!

Blessing Of The Easter Basket – Eastern Europe brought us the Christian “blessing of the Easter basket” tradition that was brought to the United States by Polish-Americans. Many Christians would gather together before the Easter holiday in their respective churches waiting for their priest to bless their Easter baskets. Many churches continue to recognize the importance of this tradition and do have blessing of the basket services.

Easter Gift Basket Food Traditions – One of our favorite parts of the Easter holiday has always been the food, and oh, enjoying delicious food on Easter has been a long-standing tradition. Some of the traditional foods you’ll find inside Easter gift baskets include:

  • Pysanky eggs
  • Krashanky eggs – dyed hard boiled eggs (like the ones you made as a kid with Mom!)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter – usually resembles a lamb
  • Cheese
  • Horseradish
  • Ham and various smoked meats
  • Kielbasa

A newer tradition has been to include Easter chocolate goodies, such as those hollow chocolate bunnies we all love and adore, along with any kind of special jewelry or mementos.

Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs – The depiction of a large bunny delivering Easter eggs on Easter morning is another time-honored tradition. The Easter bunny – and eggs – are both symbols that reflect the Springtime sense of renewal and fertile soil. We just happen to include a bit more chocolate in our Easter Gift Baskets these days!

In a world so full of change, it’s refreshing to see wonderful Easter traditions still being continued. We’re all for new traditions being created and added in, and we hope you’ll make choosing a beautiful Easter gift basket from one of them this year!

Getting To Know Ghirardelli Easter Baskets

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It’s hard to believe Easter is just a bunny hop away, but we’ve already been hard at work creating Easter Gift Baskets for our loyal customers. We’ve noticed that our Ghirardelli Easter Basket has been one of most popular Easter gift baskets for the last few Easter seasons, and we thought we’d take some time to shed the spotlight on the company that is Ghirardelli – the makers of absolutely fine chocolates.

Ghirardelli Easter Basket

Rich In Chocolate, Rich In Tradition

Ghirardelli was incorporated in 1852 and is still in business today – that’s a whole lot longer than most businesses these days! They’re proud to be able to say that they control the entire chocolate manufacturing process for their chocolates, meaning that they are able to ensure their chocolate is as exquisite as Ghirardelli requires it to be. Ghirardelli is a company with high standards, and they make sure their chocolate reflects this.

Variety Is The Spice Of…Chocolate?

We love to hear from our customers, and one of the common feedback themes from our Ghirardelli Easter Basket customers is how they love the different Ghirardelli chocolate varieties in it. We include different varieties in each Ghirardelli Easter Basket, but you can rest assured knowing that each will include four 3.5 oz Ghirardelli chocolate bars, two .53 oz Ghirardelli assorted chocolates, and 2 oz. Ghirardelli double chocolate caffe. Ghirardelli has found a niche for itself in developing different varieties of chocolate, such as their LUXE MILK™ Hazelnut, LUXE MILK™ Toffee, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate with Orange, and so much more.

We take pride in each and every Easter gift basket that we create, and we always want to make sure the goodies inside them reflect this commitment to quality. Ghirardelli has the same high standards we do, and together we’re proud to offer our Ghirardelli Easter Basket!

An Easter Gift Basket At The End Of Your Egg Hunt

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Easter egg hunts are an Easter tradition, and except for some of the prizes, they really haven’t changed much over the years. I remember waking my parents up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning (I’m sure they loved that!), and excitedly announcing that the Easter bunny was here, and could they please oh please wake up so I could find my Easter basket?!

Some of my friend’s parents would simply hand them their Easter baskets, but not mine. My Mom – I mean, the Easter bunny – would take the time to fill small plastic colored eggs with some of that green Easter “grass”, and add little slips of paper with clues to where the next egg was creatively hidden. It was all kinds of clues – from “Mom heats leftovers in here” (microwave) to “I get squeaky and clean here” (shower), and “The Tooth Fairy leaves a treat under here” (pillow).

She usually hid about ten eggs around the house, and the last clue was always the hardest, as it would lead me to my Easter gift basket, filled with wondrous chocolate delights, Marshmallow Peeps, and all kinds of deliciousness. Sure, there wasn’t anything ostentatious about it, and it was pretty much the same routine year after year, but I will never forget those Easter mornings, and my excitement was palpable each year.

I still continue the Easter egg hunt tradition for my own nieces and nephews, with chocolate filled Easter gift baskets at the end of the hunt. My now-adult siblings and cousins remember how much fun Easter egg hunts were as youth, so I even put together a small egg hunt for them too – the only differences are that the clues have to be harder, and the Easter Gift Baskets a little more gourmet! I encourage you to do the same on this year’s Easter morning – start a tradition by having a fun Easter egg hunt for your little ones, and even the adults in your family.

After all, who doesn’t love some chocolate Easter candy, even if they have to hunt for it?

Fill With Your Easter Gift Baskets with Laughter and Memories

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I’ve long felt that Easter tends to be a little overshadowed – it’s in the wake of its two big holiday cousins, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and only a few months away from the fun of Halloween. Yet, Easter was always celebrated in a big way in my family growing up – from the religious significance of the day to the fact that we just loved all those chocolate and sugary Easter delights!

It seems that Easter is finally getting the popularity its due – Americans spend about $1.9 billion on Easter candy every year – that’s a lot of sweet teeth and smiling faces! Easter is a happy time, and although you might not be able to indulge in candy every single day, it’s that one Springtime day where you’re encouraged to eat all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs in your Easter basket and bite the ears off those chocolate bunnies.

As a grown-up, I’ve channeled my love for all things Peeps, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Jelly Beans, and Malted Robin’s Eggs into creating candytastic Easter gift baskets for my nieces and nephews, and it’s always nice if they share a piece or two with me! My cousins and brothers and sisters are no longer the kids they were either, and although we love some Easter candy, I whip up “grown-up” Easter Gift Baskets for them, filled with everything from the always delectable Ghirardelli chocolates to Springtime teas and mugs. We might be a little older, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped appreciating that fun feeling of unwrapping our Easter gift baskets and seeing all the treasures inside!

Easter Gift Baskets

My family and I aren’t the only ones with this idea – our Easter Gift Baskets section gets quite a bit of visitors, and we just love delighting customers with our unique Easter gift basket creations, such as our chocolate-filled Ghirardelli Easter Gift Basket and our so scrumptious Easter Egg Cookie Gift Bouquet. Easter is a day filled with Springtime joy and pastel colors, so fill up on some chocolate candy, add some color to your outfit, and smile as you open your Easter gift basket!

Spring Into Easter With A Gourmet Easter Basket

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Easter is just a few weeks away and if you want to be sure that you’re prepared to delight your family and friends on Easter morning, then you’ve got to start shopping for the supplies to make your Easter baskets now.  But chances are, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have time right now with all of the hustle and bustle of spring. You need an easier way to get things ready for the holiday while at the same time, ensuring that you can give something sweet and thoughtful to those you love on Easter. Not to worry, has you covered. is the perfect way to save time and money when it comes to Easter shopping. With us, there’s no stressing over finding the perfect gift or having to search through a big box store to find everything you need. You don’t have to fight for a parking space to shop with us either.

Just take some time and with the click of a computer mouse, you’ll be ready for Easter morning with beautiful gourmet Easter baskets filled up with tons of delicious goodies. You won’t have to put them together the night before this year, thank goodness! Our Gourmet Easter Baskets come fully assembled and ready to be gifted from the moment they arrive at your door.

Did we mention our Easter baskets are also really affordable? Instead of having to pick up tons of individual items, a basket, and trimmings (all of which can be expensive), a Gourmet Easter Basket from solves all of your stress and hassle, without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

Easy ordering, affordable prices, and a wide gourmet Easter basket selection that’s always beautiful – what’s not to love? Get your Gourmet Easter Basket just in time for the holiday today at!