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Pet Holiday Gifts

Tell Your Pup You Care with a Christmas Dog Gift Basket

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When you love your four-legged friends just as much as we do at Bisket Baskets, you want them to enjoy the holiday season too! That’s why we carry a large selection of Christmas Dog Gift Baskets for you to surprise them with under the tree. Whether you wrap it in a bow or just leave it there for them to find, they’re sure to love the delicious treats that’s inside of the basket. Here are some of our favorites!

Reindeer Games Dog Gift Basket – What a fun way to show that furry friend of yours that you care! This Reindeer Games Dog Gift Basket comes with a “Feed Sack” of biscuits, a plush reindeer toy for them to tear to shreds, and much more! It’s the perfect way to thank them during the holiday season for being your best friend.

Frosty Paws Dog Gift – The weather outside might be too cold for them to go out and play, but they’ll still get to enjoy a frosting with this fun, dog gift basket! With plenty of Fido-friendly, frosted treats within it, as well as some “Puptato” chips, your little fur ball with definitely enjoy Christmas with this fun gift.

Gator Bites Holiday Gift Basket – Pups all across the world ask Santa for this delicious Christmas dog gift basket during the holidays! With delicious bakery-fresh treats, an alligator plush chew toy, and Puppy cake mix, your four-legged friend will be living the high-life with this gift basket!

Want to see the rest of our Christmas dog gift baskets? Visit us today at!

Cat Gift Baskets: Meow You’re Talking!

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We give our dog gift baskets quite a bit of love here on the Bisket Baskets blog, but today we’re letting cute and cuddly kitties take center stage! It’s no secret that cat videos have taken the internet by storm for years now, so it goes without saying that fun felines are a much-loved family member in countless households. Who can resist their pleasant purrs, adventurous spirit, and hilarious antics? Not me!

If you or someone special in your life has a kitty they simply adore, consider one of our cat gift baskets as the perfect present! (You thought we were going to say purr-fect, but we didn’t!) While our selection of cat gift baskets is smaller than our dog gift basket selection, we’re confident you’ll find them just as charming. You can even opt to have a pet gift basket sent 4 or 6 times a year to keep the treats and toys coming!

Just looking for a one-time gift for now? Here’s a closer look at our Crazy Cat Gift Basket and Cat Fish Cat Gift Basket…

Crazy Cat Gift Basket: If your handsome or pretty kitty is in need of some serious spoiling, this is just the gift basket to do it! Whether it’s to celebrate his or her birthday, or just because, the toys and treats inside will keep your fluffy friend happy for a long time. This generously-sized gift basket includes a jar of Pounce treats, Party Mix treats, Little Lulu’s Fish & Chips treats, a lobster cat nip toy bag, and more!

Cat Fish Cat Gift Basket: Does your kitty go crazy for all natural cat treats and crinkle balls? This is the basket for you! You’ll also find Natural Sensations cat treats inside, an adorable furry mouse toy, 2 cat nip toys, and a cute-as-a-kitten reusable box. And yes – if you empty the box, chances are good your cat will try to climb inside!

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Their People!

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If you’re a dog lover yourself – like me! – you already know that a gift for your precious pooch is just as much a gift for you. Just as our dogs love to see us smile, their tail wags have a direct line to our own heartstrings. Whether you’re shopping for a dog Christmas gift for your own barking best friend, or for another dog lover on your list, we’ve got some definite wag-worthy gift baskets for dogs (and their pet parents!) to consider…

Best Buddies Dog Lover Gift Basket – Our most popular pet lover holiday gift basket with good reason! This attractive treat is packed with plenty of goodness for dogs and their owners. While humans can happily snack away on butter toffee cashews, a hand decorated cookie, Colorado Kernels caramel corn and more, their best bud will be too busy to beg for a bite as they’ll be oh-so-preoccupied with Barkaroo Bakery gourmet dog biscuits and hand iced biscuits. Nothing but the best! The high quality basket makes a perfect place to stow away dog treats on the counter year-round, keeping them at your fingertips but out of paws’ reach.

Pizza Pals Dog Lover Gift Basket – I can’t say with certainty that everyone who loves dogs also loves pizza, but I can say I certainly do! And every time I come home with a piping hot pizza pie, my dog just about loses her mind in anticipation of sneaking a bite. Our Pizza Pals set makes a perfect Christmas gift basket for dog lovers for a few reasons, not the least of which is that the contents are red and green. But that’s not the most important part, of course – flavor is more important than color, and this delivers! Inside each you’ll find a pizza kit that includes crust and sauce, as well as adorable pizza shaped dog biscuits. After a long day at work or shopping, pet owners are sure to appreciate having this easy kit at hand to whip up a quick dinner. And while they’re savoring every slice, their favorite furry friend will be at their feet enjoying hand iced pizza treats of their own. There aren’t too many things better in life than relaxing with yummy pizza and a happy dog!

Three Dog Lovers Gift Ideas To Guarantee Smiles And Tail Wags!

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We (and our dogs!) couldn’t agree more with the quote, attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, “Dogs are miracles with paws.” If you have a dog yourself, or a friend, family member, or colleague or client has a dog, they likely have photos of their darling dog around, or mention Baxter in conversation. When it comes time to gift shopping, even if it’s a simple thank you gift, you’re going to be thinking hard about their interests. If their dog pops into your mind, well, you’ve got it made!

Think: Dog Gift Baskets

We know you’re short on time, and running out to the mall, selecting the right gift, going home, wrapping it, and writing a card out doesn’t exactly fit into your schedule well. That’s why we’re here – we were one of the first companies to create and offer Dog Gift Baskets, and we’ve only enhanced our Baxter-approved gift baskets since then. It’s a cute way to show the dog’s owner that you appreciate them – and are listening to them, too!

Dog Gift Baskets

Think: Dog Photo Frame

Visit your local gift store and pick up a dog-themed photo frame. If you can find a photo of the dog owner with their dog, perhaps on Facebook, print it out, place it in the frame, and wrap the frame in tissue paper. No need to fret if you don’t have a photo – the dog-themed photo frame is certainly thoughtful too, and they’ll appreciate that you have paid attention to their interests!

Think: Dog and Owner Spa Day

Are you able to splurge a bit more? Think of this gift as a “two-parter” – a spa gift certificate for the dog owner, and a gift certificate for Baxter to a local dog grooming spa. It’s a cute way to help both dog owner and dog relax and enjoy some pampering!

One of the keys to successful gifting is choosing a gift that really means something to the recipient – a gift that embraces their interests or reflects their personality. If they’re over the moon about their pooch, a Dog Gift Basket is a great way to show them you’re paying attention and care about what they care about, too!

And they call it PUPPY LOVE

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We just love our four-legged pets here at and so it’s only fitting that we include gifts for them with our Pet Valentine’s Day gift baskets.  We can’t be too far off on this loveable holiday as our Valentine gift baskets for dogs are some very popular gifts being sent each and every year.

With so many of us waiting until everything is just “right” before we have children, many have replaced this emptiness in their lives with pets; dogs, cats, ferrets etc.  The same with those of us among us whose children have left the nest and once again they feel the need to nurture and love.  They have met that emptiness in their lives once again by adopting pets.  So when it comes to taking a step towards displaying that love and devotion that we share with our pets it’s only natural for us to want to gift our four-legged furry friends with a pet Valentine’s Day gift.

Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite by Bisket Baskets

At we offer beautiful Valentine dog gifts.  Filled with delicious bakery fresh biscuits in assorted flavors, sizes and shapes your favorite canine will be giving  you doggie kisses for quite some time.

Looking for Valentines Day gifts for your sweet heart?  We offer a scrumptious variety of beautiful and unique gifting opportunities for you with Valentine’s Day floral arrangements, Valentine gift baskets, Valentines Day cookie baskets and even the sweetest Valentines Day candy basket!

by Bisket Baskets

Valentine Reese's by Bisket Baskets

13 Days Until Christmas

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It’s all coming down to the last two weekends before Christmas and many of us out there are still shopping for that “something perfect” for people on your shopping list.  Finish up your holiday shopping easily with as we have great gifts for everyone young and old!

When was the last time you received a beautiful arrangement of flowers?  Do you remember the feeling it gave you, the big smile, the warming of the heart and you still hadn’t opened the card yet to see who remembered your birthday, anniversary or even last Christmas?  You too can send those warm fuzzy feelings with a beautiful holiday floral arrangement from

Our fresh cut Christmas flowers come directly from the grower beautifully arranged and shipped directly to their front door.  Looking for something a bit more traditional, perhaps a delivery from the local florist?  We can do that as well as we offer floral arrangements that are already designed by the professionals and hand delivered to their front door by a local florist company.  Either delivery is as easy as a click of your mouse, just look at the options available for the gift.

Festive Holiday Drum Gift Basket

Festive Holiday Drum Gift Basket

Don’t forget we offer traditional gourmet Christmas gift baskets as well, Christmas gift baskets for the dog, Christmas gift baskets for the cat and even the very popular Christmas gift basket for the pet lover!  If you’re kind of stumped on what to get that teenager who simply wants everything; satisfy their sweet tooth with something that you can afford.  Send one of our candy bouquets like the Reindeer Reese’s!  Maybe they are more of a cookie lover; we have really delicious Christmas cookie bouquets too!  Each cookie is a meal in itself they are just that big!  With each cookie coming individually wrapped, it’s easy to only eat one and save the others for later.  Of course if you have to eat it all at once… we do have a colossal Jolly Saint Nick cookie that will take you a while to eat!  We have holiday cookie bouquets for young families that have Santa and his reindeer (Santa Clause is Coming to Town cookie bouquet) to more formal and perfect on office desks like Winter Wishes Cookie Bouquet that comes in red and white snowflakes that can very easily be sent before or after the holidays as it’s themed winter.

Looking to send those last minute corporate gifts?  We design those as well.  Outstanding individual corporate holiday gifts that say thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. also offers the very delicious Maple Ridge Farms gifts for corporate gifting to large multiples like employee gifts or large lists of people that you want to stay within a budget with.

Bisket Baskets can offer you a wide selection of that “something perfect” for the remaining people on your holiday shopping list.  You don’t need to get dressed up to go out, no need to brave the cold winter snows; just sit down at your computer and shop away, we’re open 24/7 and able to take your phone order until midnight EST.

Holiday Checklist: Gifting Different Personalities

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We’re all special in different ways, but when it comes time to gift, we all want to do the same thing: delight someone we care about! This holiday season, as you shop for all of those different personalities on your holiday shopping list, remember that has some fantastic holiday gift baskets that are just perfect for about anyone. Want to gift something that really fits that person? Here’s a few of our favorite picks:

For Someone Who Loves Wine

Wine lovers have discriminating tastes, so you need to be on top of your gifting game when finding the right present. To start out with, check out the Wine Christmas Gift Baskets at Filled with wine-themed gourmet treats of the highest quality, this basket is sure to please. All you have to add is just a nice bottle of wine and you’ve got a wonderful gift that any wine lover can enjoy. Whether it’s a quiet night in or an entertaining dinner party, the treats in these gift baskets can help your wine lover celebrate.

For Someone Who Needs to Relax

For that person who just needs to slow down and chill, the only gift – short of a vacation – is a Spa Christmas Gift Basket from Filled with lotions and potions to pamper your loved one, these gift baskets are ideal for giving someone you love the care and attention he or she needs to relax and get that time needed to unwind. Choose from a variety of soothing scents to find the perfect fit.

For Someone Who Loves Pets

The holidays deserve to be celebrated with everyone in the family, including the furry members! If you have a pet lover in your life and you need to find the perfect gift, try any of the Pet and Owner Christmas Gift Baskets from Filled with goodies for both dog and owner, these gifts are must-haves for the holidays. Get yours today exclusively at and give a gift that gets two paws up!

Black Friday Shopping

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The shopping is done, the food is all bought and many of us are finishing up the pumpkin pies, bread rolls and breaking the bread for the stuffing for tomorrow’s big dinner.  We can’t help but be thankful for all we receive, the friends we have and the family that live so close by; close enough to share dinner with us on this festive holiday.  After the dishes are washed and the platters all put away we will be reviewing those Black Friday Advertisements looking for that very special deal.

It has been tradition in our family being passed down from generation to generation to begin Black Friday with an early morning trip out to breakfast to have that much needed cup of java and tea to get our day going, you see if you’re like us it the early bird that gets the worm.  I’ve just learned that Kohl’s is opening at 4 AM and I’m already making my shopping list!  The husbands all think we’re nuts but we know the real meaning of a good deal and it comes in stores on Black Friday!

While most are just starting their holiday shopping on Black Friday, many are finishing up this very same day.  I tend to be one of those people finishing up but love the crowds that Black Friday brings out.  Usually I am down to needing just a couple gifts for those harder to buy for people on my list.  I always know that I can rely on their favorite gifts; Christmas gift baskets!  With all the good tasting treats and sweets included inside our gifts they are always a welcomed gift and good tasting too!

At we have Christmas gift baskets for families, corporations, clients, dogs, cats and pet lovers; something for everyone!  Come visit us online and shop our lowest prices in years.  You can shop early and have your gift shipped closer to Christmas; our ground shipping fee for the lower 48 is only $9.99 and we ship to Canada too!

Give Thanks to Your Host…and His Dog!

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Thanksgiving is almost here and people just like you are scrambling to find the perfect host or hostess gift to present to the family once you arrive just in time for turkey. In most cases, a dessert, a nice bottle of wine, or a lovely gift basket would do, but don’t forget, you have to be gifting every member of that host family, not just the two-legged sort. Your host’s dog also deserves his own Thanksgiving feast on the big day and it may be best for you to serve something up that he’ll love – and we’re not talking about a little bit of turkey off your dinner plate.

Dogs and hosts can both appreciate any of the Thanksgiving Dog Gift Baskets from as they’re the perfect way to treat the pup to something special on the holiday. Filled to the brim with gourmet treats and snacks that are made just for dogs, these gifts are the perfect way to say “thanks!” to your host and his pet. Plus, some of these gift baskets can double as a gift for both your host and his dog, like the Treats for Two Gift Basket or the Thanksgiving Together Gift Bag. Both of these Thanksgiving gifts are filled with yummy treats – for both dogs and people – so that your host family gets something special on that special day.

Order now before it’s too late and make sure that you give thanks to your host…and his dog!

Spooky Good Gifts!

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Halloween is everywhere! Eerie Orange lights glowing from housetops and skeletons and coffins are strewn about on people lawns. It’s amazing how people have adopted this holiday and have made it their own. Down the street from us we actually have a neighbor who starts setting up his Halloween display just after Labor Day. There are coffins, skeletons, spiders, giant cobwebs and so much more lurking about his yard.

 As I sit here at my desk this morning I am reminiscing of years past and my days trick or treating. I’ll admit I did ring a doorbell or two in my day and screamed trick or treat! Where I grew up, flexibility under the Halloween costume really wasn’t an option. You see my sisters and I grew up in upstate New York and it wasn’t always about being cute or scary on Halloween, it was about being warm because almost every year our first snowfall started on no other date but Halloween night! Yeah, Mom dressed us up like the Michelin Man and out the door we rolled! At least 1 pair of long johns, stretchy knit pants, jeans and if we were experiencing a warm Halloween; no snow pants! Our best costumes usually consisted of being a scarecrow or a mummy because it offered us the best opportunity to be toasty warm and still be able to tell what we were! Being from the country, we always headed into town to do our begging for candy and it was always an enjoyable evening out and when we came home we all had toasty hot cocoa and marshmallows waiting for us.

At Bisket Baskets, we have really enjoyed this year’s Halloween season. We designed several new Halloween gifts and they have been selling like hotcakes! Looking at all the candy included and having gifts that include everyone’s favorite candy like Reese’s and M&M’s it’s no wonder. I’ve actually been thinking of staying home this Halloween and let my Granddaughter and her Mom just go out. I’d be willing to stay warm at home pass out the candy at our house and enjoy a Halloween Gift Basket just for me instead!

Now that all those candy filled pillow sacks are about to be arriving home filled with suckers, candy bars, apples and more, we want to be sure you all remember that chocolate is dangerous for dogs! So if you want to spoil Fido this Halloween, Bisket Baskets offers safe pet treats – check them out at our Halloween Pet Gift Baskets page. So please remember to sort your candy safely and stash the really good stuff with chocolate up high so Fido won’t get into it. If you haven’t read the “Five Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween Day, by Paul Mann” it’s not too late. Check it out at the All Dog Blog.

Halloween Dog Gift

Pumpkin Eater Dog Gift by Bisket Baskets

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