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Sweet Gift Baskets for Bridesmaids!

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Having been a bridesmaid many times in my life, I know firsthand that there is a lot of work and stress going on behind the scenes. Naturally, things are much more hectic for the couple tying the knot, but groomsmen and bridesmaids have their fair share of things to do and keep in mind, too! Add to that their excitement that two of their favorite people are about to be married, and you have the perfect recipe for what I refer to as a ‘snack scenario.’

What exactly is a snack scenario? Simply put, it’s the perfect storm of a situation in which the likely result is greater-than-average snack consumption. It could be a television marathon of your favorite show; it could be that the kiddos haven’t stopped saying your name since they woke up. It could be spending a week on vacation with a best friend; it could be a lot of things!

We all know that we aren’t supposed to eat cookies when we’re stressed or make food the center of every celebration, but knowing it doesn’t necessarily stop us. When things in life get a little too hectic for words, sometimes the only ‘person’ who knows the right thing to say is a candy bar! And sometimes when everything is going right and you’re as happy as can be, you can’t help but treat yourself to an ice cream sundae or large slice of cake.

Stress and celebration are tied to food for many of us, and as long as you don’t overindulge too much everything is usually OK. However, when there’s a formal occasion on the horizon for which you must fit into a gown tailored just for you, there simply isn’t room to go overboard on Oreos! And that is precisely why our bridesmaid gift baskets brimming with delicious delights are such a thoughtful, fun selection. Chances are good that every one of your bridesmaids has had to just say ‘no’ to more than one cupcake in recent weeks and months to be 100% sure her dress fit perfectly on your special day. And while you’ll be waking up the morning after your wedding with your honeymoon on your mind, your bridesmaids will be digging into their flower-shaped cookie bouquet for breakfast! 🙂

Sweet Summer Spa Gift Baskets for Women!

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Summer is in full swing, with ‘flip flop weather’ officially carrying into the evening almost every day of the week. Most of us are spending as much time as possible in front of a fan, basking in air conditioning, or appreciating some relaxing, rejuvenating time poolside or lounging on a beach (the lucky ones!) Most of us are also spending less time shopping than we do any other time of year. After all, who wants to climb inside a hot car and take a trek to the mall when the temps are holding steady in the 90s and there’s iced tea begging to be sipped by the water? Not me! And chances are good that it’s not you, either.

So what’s a guy or gal to do when they need an awesome present but don’t want to wander from store to store in the stifling heat, or waste an afternoon that could be enjoyed catching some sun on the deck? Send along one of the awesome summer gift baskets from Bisket Baskets, of course! Let’s look at two seasonal spa selections she’s sure to love…

Watermelon Themed Gift Basket: The ‘summeriest’ of all summer fruits, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who can resist a sweet slice of watermelon. And not only does this fruit taste amazing, but it smells oh-so-fresh as well. Our ‘Sweet Scent of Watermelon’ gift set is as adorable as it is useful, packed with a colorful watermelon dishtowel and watermelon hand soap and lotion, which are tucked inside a chrome plated reusable sink caddy. Great for birthdays, hostess gifts, ‘thank you’ gifts, or just because, this brings all the sweet with none of the seeds!

Tranquil Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket: This indulgent basket truly has it all – everything she’ll need to relax in a much-needed bath at the end of an exhausting summer day! Swimming in the scent of sweet pea, you’ll find shower gel, body lotion, bar soap, body butter and foot cream. And if her tootsies need a little extra pampering all their own, our exhilarating peppermint foot soak will get the job done with the help of the included foot brush – bye-bye rough heels! We round out this lovely lineup with a sumptuously soft satin eye mask and hair towel so she can drift into dreamland peacefully post-pampering.

4 Reasons To Gift In The Summertime

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From the spooktacular costumes of Halloween to the pastel hues of Easter, we get accustomed to enjoying just about one major holiday each month for a few months. Yet, once the grilled delights of Father’s Day pass us by, we’re faced with a summertime that has few “gifting” occasions. We think it’s so much fun to gift the special people in our lives, as each and every time we give a gift, we just seem to receive a gift of smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts in return. Whether you’d like to say thank you or send a gift “just because”, we have some fun reasons to gift while you’re enjoying those delicious summertime temperatures!

Positive Life Change

Have a person in mind that you’d love to send a gift to? Think about the positive life changes they may have successfully managed this year – perhaps an engagement, wedding, new child, new job, new home, etc. Gift them a toast to their happiness with one of our Wine Gift Baskets, and include a message with your gift congratulating them on their life milestone!

Needs a Perk Up

Many of us need a bit of a “perk up” from time to time. Have a person in your life who’s down in the dumps? Put a smile on his or her face by showing how much you care – send a Blooms Cookie Bouquet that is not only delicious, but looks so wonderful, too!

Say Thank You

There’s so many reasons to say thank you to the people we care about, but the days go by fast and it’s often hard to find the time to appropriately say thank you. Set aside 10 minutes to make a list of the people you’d like to thank for making a positive impact on your life, and choose beautiful Thank You Gift Baskets to send to them. You can include a personal message with each, so be sure to say thank you for being in your life.

Admit You’re Happy Month

August is “Admit You’re Happy Month”, and we think “paying it forward” by sending a gift of happiness is the best way to celebrate “Admit You’re Happy Month.” Perfect gifts to celebrate Admit You’re Happy Month include Floral Bouquets, Candy Bouquets, Cookie Bouquets, and more. After all, sending a slice of happiness will make you happy, too!

Where is your favorite spring break travel destination?

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Now is the time of school spring breaks and many of us are traveling the country and some even the world looking for that special relaxing location that lets us get away from it all.  White sandy beaches in the Caribbean with temperatures in the upper 80’s are just what the doctor ordered after a long cold winter; while for others it’s that last trip to the Rockies to get in some final skiing of the season.  With being located just outside of Denver Colorado, we know all about the latter!  We are always bathed in bright warm sunshine here but the snow seems to not want to let go in April either so among beautiful 70’s and 80’s we get that gentle reminder that it’s not summer yet with a fresh coating of white snow every now and then.

Many of us hit the condos and hotels directly on the ocean or tucked away in the mountains while still others are fortunate to have family and friends in all the right locations!  Be sure you let them know just how much you appreciate their hospitality by sending them a very delicious thank you gift basket.  We send a lot of thank you gifts during the spring break season to thank people for sharing their home and putting up with them for the week’s break but we send even more to the family dog and cat that have shared their backyard or litter box!  So if you’re wondering what would be a great thank you for your hospitality gift; look no further as we have a vast assortment of thank you gifts that would be perfect for recipients of any age.  We offer sweet candy bouquets made with only the most awesome candy like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or M&M’s and even Skittles or how about a festive cookie bouquet or pet gift baskets along with the traditional gourmet food gift baskets that everyone just loves!  You can select from chocolate gifts, tea baskets, soup baskets, wine themed gift baskets and so much more.  Drop on by and take a look at what we can send to that great bunch of people you just shared their place with.

We ship throughout the USA and Canada so there is no need to leave anyone out and our ground shipping delivers to about 75% of the USA in just 3 business days!  Say THANK YOU today and let us know your favorite spring travel destination!

Happy Thanksgiving From BisketBaskets!

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All of us at would just like to take a moment and say a big “Thank You” to our loyal readers and wonderful customers! We love the gift baskets industry, but you’re the reason we make it our livelihood. We enjoy receiving emails and letters from our customers after receiving their Bisket Baskets gift basket telling us all about how it made their day, or was such a great gift for all the people on their gift list!

We’re thankful that you continue to choose us when you need the perfect gift! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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