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Candy Gifts

Send Your College Student One of Our Gift Baskets

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Whether they are arriving to campus for the first time or are moving back in, your college student would love to take one of our gift baskets with them! Gift Baskets for College Students | Packed with snacks, treats, and sometimes things to make full meals with, these baskets will fuel study nights and hangouts. Here are three baskets that we think they’ll be happy to share with their friends.

This basket is great for freshman who are new to campus or seniors that are trying to get through their last days until graduation. The College Survival Care Package has everything they’d want to snack on while studying for finals or on the go.

Pizza is a college staple, so make sure they don’t have to order out one night with either the Dorm Room Pizza Kit or the Pizza & Munchies College Care Package. Just figure out if they have a kitchen to cook a pizza in before sending!

Candy is another great thing to have around at college. Send as a pick me up or as a just because to your student. Choose from either the Reese’s College Care Package or the M&M’s Study Feast College Care Package.

There are plenty of gift baskets that your college student will love! Shop all care packages and college baskets at today. Your college student, and their friends, will thank you for the treats!

Get Spooky & Treat them with a Halloween Gift Basket!

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Double, double, toil and trouble – do we have a wicked spell for you! Trick-or-treaters will come knocking, but what about thespecial little ghouls in your life? Give them the ultimate treat this October 31st with a Halloween Gift Basket! Here are some of our most spook-tacular treat baskets to give to the trick-or-treaters that are near and dear to your heart this Halloween.

Halloween M&M’s Candy Bouquet – The best of this deliciously chocolate Halloween candy is arranged perfectly within this basket. It’s perfect for the little ghoul or monster who loves this traditional Halloween candy!

Oreo Cookie Bouquet – This Halloween gift basket is great for the non-traditional Halloween treat lover, and is a great basket to give to someone who maybe isn’t into candy. It’s also the perfect Halloween gift to give the person who loves snacks.

Ghost Crossing Halloween Gift – This delightfully scary treat box is filled to the brim with sweets! Complete with M&M’s, Reese’s, and plenty more – it’s sure to make the special trick-or-treater in your life feel even more special!

Want to shop all of our Halloween Gift Baskets? Visit us today at!

Back-To-School Gift Baskets Add Some Sweetness to a New Beginning

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No matter how many years pass, I still remember the excitement of deciding which outfit I would wear for the first day of school. Sure, there was some sadness that the lazy days of summer were over, but a new year in a new class coupled with seeing my friends every day helped whisk that sadness away!

The first day of school is exciting, though it can seem a bit scary at times. Having attended the same school district from Kindergarten through my senior year in high school, I didn’t realize exactly how scary until I went to college. Suddenly there were all these people I didn’t know, without a single familiar face in the crowd to ease my anxiety.

I had always been sympathetic toward new students and how alone they must feel, but feeling it for the first time myself I realized I hadn’t a clue. And to think – many of them were young children, and I was essentially an adult! In the coming days and weeks things got a lot less scary and a lot more awesome, but what helped me along the way was indulging in familiar things that reminded me of home and who I was.

What got me thinking about my first day of freshman year was a conversation with a friend the other day. She mentioned that she couldn’t believe her son was going off to college already, and that she and her husband would be driving him there this weekend to get settled in. I couldn’t believe how quickly those 18 years had passed, or how quickly the summer had passed, for that matter! But one thing I know for sure is that once she’s back I’ll be asking for her son’s dorm address so I can send him a little something I know he loves – Skittles! I’m confident the Skittle-licious candy bouquet will bring a smile to his face, and hope that by the time it arrives, he’ll have made some new friends to share it with.

Is someone special in your life heading to school soon? Consider a back-to-school gift basket to celebrate their dedication while offering some candy or cookie comfort! Whether they’re a college freshman, high school freshman, or getting on that bus for the first time to head off to Kindergarten, a sweet treat makes for an even sweeter surprise. 🙂

Send a Little Love with a Back to School Gift Basket!

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Whether you’re sending your teen off to college, or your best friend is heading to a university many miles away, the back to school season is filled with even more emotions than overstuffed suitcases! It’s a time of excitement, pride and possibility. It’s a time of growth for you both. But there’s also a sense of loss at not being able to see each other as often, and fears of losing touch or growing apart. Just remember that the person going away to college is feeling all these things and more as well. They’re going to miss you too, and their fears are just as strong. But sometimes going away is the right thing to do, and while keeping in touch will be trickier, there are more ways to do it in this day and age than ever before! Let’s take a look at just a few…

Take advantage of Skype or a similar service. As wonderful as it is to talk to one another on the telephone, being able to see someone’s smile is priceless! A good phone call can warm the heart, but when you can actually see your loved one talking, reacting, and just being themselves, they suddenly don’t seem so far.

Text pictures of your day. You don’t have to send one another a steady stream of photos cataloging every place you go, but try to send one at least every few days. It could be as simple as a picture of a café with the message, “Wish you were here to have a latte with!” You never know when that’s exactly what the other person needed to cheer up or be reminded that you’re on their mind, too.

Send a card. For as amazing as the internet is in helping us stay in touch with each other, a personal, hand-written card is still a wonderful thing to give and receive. Set aside some time to really dedicate your attention to the card – you might be surprised by all the things you think to say when you aren’t distracted!

Send a Back to School Gift Basket. You had to know we’d get here eventually – we love gift baskets! But the thing is, most people do. We aren’t alone in our love! And sending a gift basket to your family member or friend will provide them with a little pampering and a reminder of how much you care. Want to send something they can share with their roommates? Consider one of our candy bouquets or cookie bouquets. Whether or not they actually share is up to them, but it’s at least an option!

A Gourmet Caramel Apple A Day…

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…Keeps the frowns away!

We all know the old adage about “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but what about an apple covered with caramel, chocolate, and decadent toppings like peanuts and sprinkles? Easy – it keeps a smile on all the faces we care about in our lives and is an excellent way to say thank you, just thinking of you, congratulations, and so much more!

After months of careful planning, taste-testing, and selecting only the most delicious Gourmet Caramel Apples, we’re so excited to bring our gourmet caramel apples selection to you! We regularly seek out new and scrumptious products for our website that we think loyal customers like you will just adore, at prices you’ll love, too. Let’s explore our new gourmet caramel apples collection, at prices so delicious that even teachers give them an A+!

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $13

Searching for a cute gift to thank a teacher for his or her hard work and motivation, a co-worker for a job well-done, or a “just because” gift for a special person in your life who needs a smile? We’re proud to bring you our affordable M&M Caramel Apple, Spring Sprinkle Caramel Apple with Peanuts, and our Sweetheart Sprinkle Caramel Apple.

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $16

Go one step up for gifting occasions like thanking a host or hostess, welcoming a couple into their new home, or as part of a new baby or bridal shower gift. Think gourmet caramel apples like our tantalizing Butter Pecan Caramel Apple, Jumbo Cashew Caramel Apple, and our Dirt and Worms Caramel Apple!

Gourmet Caramel Apples Under $20

It really is true that you don’t have to spend a fortune to gift a truly memorable gift. Gift our more deluxe gourmet caramel apples on their own or as part of a larger gift. For weddings or bridesmaid gifts, go for our luxe Oreo Caramel Apple. Meeting the in-laws? Select our Rocky Road Turtle Caramel Apple with Belgian Milk Chocolate to make the right first impression. Saying “I Love You” for the first, or fiftieth time? Feed that love with a Pistachio Turtle Caramel Apple!

We’re so pleased to finally debut our Gourmet Caramel Apples! Our team of gifting experts will be regularly reviewing new products, so keep your eyes peeled for even more delicious treats to-come here at Bisket Baskets. Have you enjoyed one (or several!) of our gourmet caramel apples? Leave a comment to tell us how delicious it was!

Getting To Know Ghirardelli Easter Baskets

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It’s hard to believe Easter is just a bunny hop away, but we’ve already been hard at work creating Easter Gift Baskets for our loyal customers. We’ve noticed that our Ghirardelli Easter Basket has been one of most popular Easter gift baskets for the last few Easter seasons, and we thought we’d take some time to shed the spotlight on the company that is Ghirardelli – the makers of absolutely fine chocolates.

Ghirardelli Easter Basket

Rich In Chocolate, Rich In Tradition

Ghirardelli was incorporated in 1852 and is still in business today – that’s a whole lot longer than most businesses these days! They’re proud to be able to say that they control the entire chocolate manufacturing process for their chocolates, meaning that they are able to ensure their chocolate is as exquisite as Ghirardelli requires it to be. Ghirardelli is a company with high standards, and they make sure their chocolate reflects this.

Variety Is The Spice Of…Chocolate?

We love to hear from our customers, and one of the common feedback themes from our Ghirardelli Easter Basket customers is how they love the different Ghirardelli chocolate varieties in it. We include different varieties in each Ghirardelli Easter Basket, but you can rest assured knowing that each will include four 3.5 oz Ghirardelli chocolate bars, two .53 oz Ghirardelli assorted chocolates, and 2 oz. Ghirardelli double chocolate caffe. Ghirardelli has found a niche for itself in developing different varieties of chocolate, such as their LUXE MILK™ Hazelnut, LUXE MILK™ Toffee, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate with Orange, and so much more.

We take pride in each and every Easter gift basket that we create, and we always want to make sure the goodies inside them reflect this commitment to quality. Ghirardelli has the same high standards we do, and together we’re proud to offer our Ghirardelli Easter Basket!

It’s Back to College Time: Candy Bouquets Make the Return Sweeter!

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Pretty soon, college students everywhere will be returning to campus for another school year.It’s a busy time, but it can sometimes be lonely for both students and parents.

Let give you a few ideas on how to make the return sweeter.

For the Students:

Hey, we know it’s tough to make friends when you’re just beginning the semester, especially if you’re a freshman or a transfer student. However, with a little help from, you can be well on your way to making a good impression – and maybe a few new friends too!

Here are some tips on making connections:

  • Did Mom and Dad send something for you to enjoy? Share it! Getting food gifts from home are always cheerful, but it’s even better when you have someone to share with. If you get a care package, offer to share with some other people in your dorm.
  • Attend floor meetings and dorm activities. This can be a great place for you to meet new people and get acquainted with your floor/dorm mates.
  • Don’t forget about campus activities and events! Check with student activities or student life groups to see what’s going on and make it a point to make an appearance!
  • Join a campus club. Connecting is easier when you have a common interest or goal.

For Parents:

Okay, parents. We know it’s tough to see your baby go off to college, but it does have to happen. But just because he or she is away doesn’t mean that you can’t send a little love! has a great selection of candy bouquets that are perfect for delighting your student. Plus, candy bouquets can be easily shared with friends and roommates, so your student can have a quick introduction into making new friends.

Send something sweet and make connecting easier for your student. Send a candy bouquet from

Where is your favorite spring break travel destination?

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Now is the time of school spring breaks and many of us are traveling the country and some even the world looking for that special relaxing location that lets us get away from it all.  White sandy beaches in the Caribbean with temperatures in the upper 80’s are just what the doctor ordered after a long cold winter; while for others it’s that last trip to the Rockies to get in some final skiing of the season.  With being located just outside of Denver Colorado, we know all about the latter!  We are always bathed in bright warm sunshine here but the snow seems to not want to let go in April either so among beautiful 70’s and 80’s we get that gentle reminder that it’s not summer yet with a fresh coating of white snow every now and then.

Many of us hit the condos and hotels directly on the ocean or tucked away in the mountains while still others are fortunate to have family and friends in all the right locations!  Be sure you let them know just how much you appreciate their hospitality by sending them a very delicious thank you gift basket.  We send a lot of thank you gifts during the spring break season to thank people for sharing their home and putting up with them for the week’s break but we send even more to the family dog and cat that have shared their backyard or litter box!  So if you’re wondering what would be a great thank you for your hospitality gift; look no further as we have a vast assortment of thank you gifts that would be perfect for recipients of any age.  We offer sweet candy bouquets made with only the most awesome candy like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or M&M’s and even Skittles or how about a festive cookie bouquet or pet gift baskets along with the traditional gourmet food gift baskets that everyone just loves!  You can select from chocolate gifts, tea baskets, soup baskets, wine themed gift baskets and so much more.  Drop on by and take a look at what we can send to that great bunch of people you just shared their place with.

We ship throughout the USA and Canada so there is no need to leave anyone out and our ground shipping delivers to about 75% of the USA in just 3 business days!  Say THANK YOU today and let us know your favorite spring travel destination!

And they call it PUPPY LOVE

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We just love our four-legged pets here at and so it’s only fitting that we include gifts for them with our Pet Valentine’s Day gift baskets.  We can’t be too far off on this loveable holiday as our Valentine gift baskets for dogs are some very popular gifts being sent each and every year.

With so many of us waiting until everything is just “right” before we have children, many have replaced this emptiness in their lives with pets; dogs, cats, ferrets etc.  The same with those of us among us whose children have left the nest and once again they feel the need to nurture and love.  They have met that emptiness in their lives once again by adopting pets.  So when it comes to taking a step towards displaying that love and devotion that we share with our pets it’s only natural for us to want to gift our four-legged furry friends with a pet Valentine’s Day gift.

Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite by Bisket Baskets

At we offer beautiful Valentine dog gifts.  Filled with delicious bakery fresh biscuits in assorted flavors, sizes and shapes your favorite canine will be giving  you doggie kisses for quite some time.

Looking for Valentines Day gifts for your sweet heart?  We offer a scrumptious variety of beautiful and unique gifting opportunities for you with Valentine’s Day floral arrangements, Valentine gift baskets, Valentines Day cookie baskets and even the sweetest Valentines Day candy basket!

by Bisket Baskets

Valentine Reese's by Bisket Baskets

Spooky Good Gifts!

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Halloween is everywhere! Eerie Orange lights glowing from housetops and skeletons and coffins are strewn about on people lawns. It’s amazing how people have adopted this holiday and have made it their own. Down the street from us we actually have a neighbor who starts setting up his Halloween display just after Labor Day. There are coffins, skeletons, spiders, giant cobwebs and so much more lurking about his yard.

 As I sit here at my desk this morning I am reminiscing of years past and my days trick or treating. I’ll admit I did ring a doorbell or two in my day and screamed trick or treat! Where I grew up, flexibility under the Halloween costume really wasn’t an option. You see my sisters and I grew up in upstate New York and it wasn’t always about being cute or scary on Halloween, it was about being warm because almost every year our first snowfall started on no other date but Halloween night! Yeah, Mom dressed us up like the Michelin Man and out the door we rolled! At least 1 pair of long johns, stretchy knit pants, jeans and if we were experiencing a warm Halloween; no snow pants! Our best costumes usually consisted of being a scarecrow or a mummy because it offered us the best opportunity to be toasty warm and still be able to tell what we were! Being from the country, we always headed into town to do our begging for candy and it was always an enjoyable evening out and when we came home we all had toasty hot cocoa and marshmallows waiting for us.

At Bisket Baskets, we have really enjoyed this year’s Halloween season. We designed several new Halloween gifts and they have been selling like hotcakes! Looking at all the candy included and having gifts that include everyone’s favorite candy like Reese’s and M&M’s it’s no wonder. I’ve actually been thinking of staying home this Halloween and let my Granddaughter and her Mom just go out. I’d be willing to stay warm at home pass out the candy at our house and enjoy a Halloween Gift Basket just for me instead!

Now that all those candy filled pillow sacks are about to be arriving home filled with suckers, candy bars, apples and more, we want to be sure you all remember that chocolate is dangerous for dogs! So if you want to spoil Fido this Halloween, Bisket Baskets offers safe pet treats – check them out at our Halloween Pet Gift Baskets page. So please remember to sort your candy safely and stash the really good stuff with chocolate up high so Fido won’t get into it. If you haven’t read the “Five Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween Day, by Paul Mann” it’s not too late. Check it out at the All Dog Blog.

Halloween Dog Gift

Pumpkin Eater Dog Gift by Bisket Baskets

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