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Oreo Cookie Bouquets are a Great Way to Brighten You Camper’s Care Packages

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Whether your child is a first-time camper, a summer camp veteran, or even a part of the camp staff, receiving a care package at mail call will always add to what is probably already a fun day! Care packages are a great way to send a little love while your child is away, and also gives your child a wonderful way to share some goodies with their cabin mates or camp friends. Here’s an idea for building the perfect camp care package:

Cookie Bouquet Centerpiece: Start building your care package around a centerpiece, such as a cookie bouquets. An Oreo cookie bouquet is a great option because it looks fun and contains yummy treats, but the cookies are sealed in packages that can be stored safely away from the temptation of insects and other critters until your camper is ready to enjoy them.

Reading Materials: Quick-read comic books like Archie comics will give your child something entertaining to look at during rest periods or before bed, and once they are finished with it, they can trade another camper for a comic book they haven’t read yet! Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep their reading skills sharp, either.

Puzzles and Games: Small puzzles or handheld (non-electronic!) games will give your camper something amusing to play with during rainy days or downtime between activities.

Toiletries: Your camper’s toiletry supplies might run low over the course of the summer, or a cabin mate might be in need of something. Small items like travel toothpaste and deodorant, hair ties, packets of sunscreen, and bug spray are always a good idea.

These are just a few ideas to pair with a cookie bouquet to create the perfect care package for your camper! Get creative with the packing materials or box décor and they’ll have a great time receiving, opening, and using their package.

Is it summer yet?

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The weather is becoming warmer, school is winding down, the college kids are coming home and we’re now grilling outdoors … it must be getting close to summer!    With all the upcoming invites for come over for a BBQ picnics be sure to thank your hostess properly with a great summer gift from  We have great summer cookie gifts and summer pet lover gifts that share your host’s love for their pet (dog & cat) as well.  Since it’s almost summer; many of us are planning our summer vacations too and we need to schedule the neighbor to pick up our mail, take out our trash, mow our yard or even watch Fido and Fluffy while we’re gone and we can help send them an appreciation gift with a special summer themed gift to say thank you. 

How to Cheer Up From Winter Blues

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During the winter months when days are shorter and nights are darker, many people can experience a significant change in mood and stress level known as the winter blues. Many people brush off these feelings, but some people have a difficult time adjusting to the seasonal shift. Here are some great ways to cheer up from the winter blues:


Go on a quick walk

Even if it’s too cold outside, a quick stroll down the hallway can give you the burst of energy you need to get through the day.

Watch a funny movie or TV show

Researchers have found that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. According to Psychology Today, laughing releases endorphins, or feel-good chemicals in our brain.

Read a book

It can be easy to fall into the trap of overthinking and the best thing to do is refocus your brain on reading and turning the page.

Share with a friend or family

Studies show that sharing with someone can improve your overall mood. Surprise a loved one with tickets to their favorite sports game or an assortment of delicious gourmet cookies. Bisket Baskets offers gifts like the get well cookie bouquet that are buzzing with handcrafted gourmet cookies.

Don’t let the cold weather get you down by following our tips for getting through the winter blues. And when you’re looking to cheer someone up throughout the year, check out our many gift baskets and bouquets.

Shop online today to personalize your own gift basket, cookie bouquet, or other gift package at

It’s Time for Back to School Gifts

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We all have those special people in our lives that are heading either out for the first time or returning to the big college scene.  We offer a variety of COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES that are welcomed with open arms to our kids and students across the country.  We have fun Care Packages that are filled with REESE’S and others filled with assortments of snacks like M&M’s and even some slightly more “meal” worthy like our PIZZA & MUNCHIES CARE PACKAGE where we include a pizza mix (you already know that will be about as healthy as it gets until they come home at the holidays)!  Need one with a pizza pan too?  We’ve got that as well with our DORM ROOM PIZZA KIT.

Back to School - College Care Packages - wordpress

Don’t sweat the small stuff family, sending a COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES are always a welcomed, appreciated but mostly it’s all about being devoured!  We’ve been shipping to colleges and universities all across the country for years and years and we’ve got what kids love.

Colorado Gift Baskets to Welcome Conference VIPs

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Hosting a conference in Colorado can be fun and exciting. From ski resorts to vibrant nightlife, Colorado offers something for every conference type and every conference attendee. But if you are planning a conference in Colorado and need a special way to welcome speakers, sponsors, or VIPs, consider using a Colorado gift basket to make them feel welcome.

Colorado gift baskets from celebrate the best of the state with gourmet treats that are sure to delight anyone attending your conference. We’re proud to be a Colorado company and craft each and every one of our Colorado-themed gift baskets with hand-selected sweet and savory treats. You can:

  • Welcome sponsors setting up their trade show demonstrations by placing Colorado gift baskets at their respective booth spots. Or, you can say “Thank you!” after the event by sending a basket to their home offices.
  • Greet VIP guests by asking your hotel to place Colorado gift baskets in each of their rooms upon arrival. There’s no better Rocky Mountain greeting (except for the views!).
  • Furnish your conference speaker green room or holding area with one or more Colorado gift baskets that can be enjoyed between or before speaking engagements. Speakers will always appreciate a little something to nosh on!

And these are just a few ways you can enjoy Colorado-themed gift baskets as part of your conference. Hosting an event in Colorado? Contact us to learn more about our gifts to help you welcome sponsors, speakers, or other VIPs!

Colorado Gift Baskets Send a Taste of Home

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When you’ve been away from the Rocky Mountains, it’s easy to feel homesick. Colorado’s beauty is absolutely breathtaking and if you’re looking to send a taste of home to someone who may be away at college, working abroad, or completely relocated, Bisket Baskets wants to make it easy to send Colorado’s best.

Bisket Baskets is proud to be a Colorado-based business (shout out to our hometown of Parker, CO!) and our gourmet food gift baskets are enjoyed around the country as the perfect gift for all occasions. Our collection of Colorado gift baskets are no exception. Perfect for birthdays, housewarmings, or just because, Colorado gift baskets are an amazing way to send a piece of home to someone you care about.

All of our Colorado gift baskets showcase incredible gourmet foods that range from the sweet to the savory, so there’s something for every taste. Crunchy, chocolatey, spicy – you name the preference and we have a gift to fit! Plus, there are a variety of styles and sizes of gift to choose from. Send a Colorado Care Package to a student away at college or a more grand display to an entire family with our Rocky Mountain Majesty Gift Basket.

No matter which Colorado gift basket you choose, you can’t go wrong! Send a taste of home to someone you love from Colorado with a little help from Bisket Baskets. Our gourmet gift baskets highlighting the best of the Rocky Mountains will bring cheer, no matter the distance! Shop all Colorado Gift Baskets today at

Food Gift Baskets & Tips for New Cooks

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If someone you care about it learning to cook and you wish to give them a bit of encouragement along the way, consider sending a food gift basket along with some other treats! Food gift baskets can be a really thoughtful way to encourage a new cook as he works his way through a recipe book or she dabbles with new and exciting dishes. Learning to cook can take some practice but it always feels good to know that someone is looking out for you while you’re in the kitchen!

At Bisket Baskets, we make food gift baskets that are perfect for anyone learning how to cook. Here are some of our favorites for new culinary adventurers!:

  • Baking Fun Keepsake Gift: Sweet and thoughtful, this gift includes cookie mix, a batter bowl, towel, and pot holder.
  • Gourmet Pizza Making Kit: Give them everything they need to whip up a little taste of Italy with this kit that includes sauce, crust mix, a pizza stone, and more!
  • Soup’s On! Gift: A decorative dish towel, soup ingredients, and some sweets make this gift a warm and welcome treat.
  • Healthy Family Meals Gift Basket: Filled to the brim with a variety of meals to feed a group, this gift is perfect for getting the whole family involved in cooking.

In addition to sending a food gift basket, you can also give encouragement to a new cook by sending a cookbook, gift cards for groceries, kitchen tools, or a subscription to a cooking class online or close to home! Of course, once that person has succeeded in making new dishes, help them to host a party so that everyone can enjoy! Shop all meal gift baskets today at

Send Comfort with Meal Gift Baskets

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The unexpected can be stressful for any family. Illnesses, burst pipes, or the loss of a family pet can seem overwhelming but there is great comfort in knowing that someone is thinking of you when those events happen.

If a friend or family you care about is going through the unexpected, you can brighten the day with a meal gift basket that takes something off the list. Not having to worry about making dinner or run to the market is a kindness that anyone experiencing stress will appreciate.

Meal Gift Baskets to Send to a Friend or Family Member

At Bisket Baskets we have a variety of gift baskets that deliver both warm thoughts and meals to the table. Here are a few of our featured meal gift baskets to consider when sending comfort to a loved one:

  • Healthy Family Meals Gift Basket: For larger families or for multiple meals, this gift basket is a perfect fit. Enjoy chicken and pasta, chili, soup, and more – both sweet and savory! – in this thoughtful gift basket.
  • Hearty Chili Fixins Dinner Basket: A delicious serving of chili can feel like a hug in a bowl. Our hearty chili gift basket includes chili ingredients, as well as sweet treats, cheese, and coffee.
  • Classic Cheer Meal Basket: Treat a friend or loved one to a comforting spaghetti dinner with this beautifully assembled basket featuring pasta, sauce, and other gourmet Italian goodies.

No matter which meal basket you choose from our selection of gifts, you can rest assured that you’ll be sending the best of thoughts to someone in need. Visit to see these baskets and to ship one in a timely manner.

Unique Corporate Gift Baskets to Send on These Important Occasions

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Every relationship you form in business is just that: a relationship. It requires give and take, communication and consideration, and at the most Corporate Gift Basket | BisketBaskets important of moments, reassurance that there is thought and care put into each and every interaction. Unique corporate gift baskets can be a wonderful way to express your appreciation or to send the right signals to your client or partners. You care and you’re always there when they need you.

Not sure when is the right time to send a corporate gift basket or another token of appreciation? Try it when….

Your Client Makes an Acquisition

Acquiring a new company or a major client can be an exciting and exhausting journey for a business but it is also a momentous moment that merits celebration. Say “Congrats!” with a unique corporate gift basket that is a real crowd-pleaser, like our Corporate VIP Gift, which is filled to the brim with tasty gourmet treats, both sweet and savory.

An Employee Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary

In your own ranks, it’s important to show appreciation for those who work tirelessly in pursuit of your organization’s goals. Longtime employees celebrating 10, 15, or even 20+ year anniversaries will feel appreciated when they receive a personal note from the CEO along with a World of Thanks Gift Tower or another treat from our selection of corporate gifts.

A Business Partner Wins an Award

Awards are symbols of a job well done for those who receive them, but it can be just as delightful to receive a message of congratulations from a trusted business partner when you celebrate a win. Send a note of congratulations along with The Ritz Corporate Gift Basket, loaded with gourmet foods to delight any office.

Shop all of our unique corporate gift baskets today at!

Dog Christmas Gift Baskets Your Pooch will Love!

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There’s no doubt we love our pets and find any special occasion to treat them.  Luckily for our canine best friends, Christmas will be here in a few short months! Show your dog you love them with a dog Christmas gift basket from  Here are some Christmas gift baskets that your pooch is guaranteed to love.

dog christmas gift baskets

Dog Holiday Wishes Gift Basket – Bisket Baskets dog holiday basket is filled with an assortment of healthy and gourmet biscuits.  This holiday gift basket is wrapped and designed inside a cute green and red paw print container.  This gift will be sure to have your dog’s tail waggin’ for more!

Reindeer Games Dog Gift – We guarantee your dog will have hours of fun playing with his new plush Reindeer Dog Toy.  Also in this basket are delicious Harry Barker biscuits for when he is done playing.  This is a great gift for any special dog in your life.

Heirloom Bone Stocking – Our handmade heirloom stocking is filled to the top with fun and tasty surprises for your pooch to enjoy from Santa.  You can choose to have the stocking filled or unfilled so you can put your dog’s favorite things inside.

See something your dog will like?  Visit us today for more dog Christmas gift baskets at!

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