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Easter Gift Baskets – Not Just For Kids!

Easter tends to have a more kid-friendly connotation to it, what with the cuddly Easter Bunny, kid’s Easter egg hunts, and of course all those scrumptious chocolates and candies. Us grown-ups can appreciate the Easter bunny, have fun at Easter egg hunts, and happily enjoy chocolate candy, so who says we can’t send and receive Easter Gift Baskets for Adults?! After all, age is only a number; and we’re of the mindset that chocolate is even more delicious as we age!

Easter Gift Baskets For Adults

Easter Gift Baskets For Adults

Let’s take an Easter morning stroll through our Easter gift baskets designed with grown-ups in mind (and well, the kids can enjoy them too, we suppose!):

  • Lindt Easter Gift Basket – Now, we’re not saying the kids won’t love Lindt chocolates, but as an adult, we know the Lindt brand and tend to well, adore it. An entire Lindt chocolate bunny? Oh, oh my.
  • Ghirardelli Easter Basket – The kids are mighty pleased with their Snickers and Cadbury, but us adults have more refined chocolate tastes. Sure, we’ll snag a Kit Kat from their Easter basket, but Dark Raspberry, Almond, Luxe Milk, and Hazelnut Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars? Easter is my new favorite holiday!
  • Sweet Easter Basket – What was the first thing you did with your Easter basket on Easter morning, as a kid? Ripped it open, of course! As an adult, we tend to appreciate the nicer things in life – like the pink and green cherry blossom container that holds the raspberry tea cookies and keylime taffy chews in our Sweet Easter Basket. Perfect for holding all of those little items, like our keys and pens, that would otherwise have a tendency to run away on us!
  • Easter Gift Tower – want to send or receive the ultimate Easter gift basket for adults? Our seven-tiered Easter Gift Tower is absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. It’s filled with seven layers of scrumptious goodies – from lemon drops to white cheddar popcorn to perfectly baked cookies.

So who says kids have all the fun? We think Easter can be just as fun as an adult, so inject some extra fun in it this year for you and the fellow grown-ups, and gift Easter Gift Baskets!

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