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An Easter Gift Basket At The End Of Your Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are an Easter tradition, and except for some of the prizes, they really haven’t changed much over the years. I remember waking my parents up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning (I’m sure they loved that!), and excitedly announcing that the Easter bunny was here, and could they please oh please wake up so I could find my Easter basket?!

Some of my friend’s parents would simply hand them their Easter baskets, but not mine. My Mom – I mean, the Easter bunny – would take the time to fill small plastic colored eggs with some of that green Easter “grass”, and add little slips of paper with clues to where the next egg was creatively hidden. It was all kinds of clues – from “Mom heats leftovers in here” (microwave) to “I get squeaky and clean here” (shower), and “The Tooth Fairy leaves a treat under here” (pillow).

She usually hid about ten eggs around the house, and the last clue was always the hardest, as it would lead me to my Easter gift basket, filled with wondrous chocolate delights, Marshmallow Peeps, and all kinds of deliciousness. Sure, there wasn’t anything ostentatious about it, and it was pretty much the same routine year after year, but I will never forget those Easter mornings, and my excitement was palpable each year.

I still continue the Easter egg hunt tradition for my own nieces and nephews, with chocolate filled Easter gift baskets at the end of the hunt. My now-adult siblings and cousins remember how much fun Easter egg hunts were as youth, so I even put together a small egg hunt for them too – the only differences are that the clues have to be harder, and the Easter Gift Baskets a little more gourmet! I encourage you to do the same on this year’s Easter morning – start a tradition by having a fun Easter egg hunt for your little ones, and even the adults in your family.

After all, who doesn’t love some chocolate Easter candy, even if they have to hunt for it?

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