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Ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Part 1

Ever ask yourself who is St. Patrick, why March 17th and how do you really make green beer?  Well we did a bit of searching and came up with a few answers that are sure to enlighten your friends this year.  Today we will answer the first two questions; who is St. Patrick and what’s with the date!

Back in the end of the 4th Century a man was born named Maewyn Succat.  He was born to English parents and was not an Irishman.  History states that as a youngster growing up in South Wales he was kidnapped by pirates and then sold into slavery in Ireland.  For 6 years he was imprisoned and he dreamed of seeing God.  History continues to say that God told him to escape from his captures and to go to Britain which he succeeded in doing.  He then travelled to France where he joined a monastery and studied for 12 years under St. Germain and later became bishop (Saint Patrick).  He felt the calling of God again and it was to return to Ireland to tell them about God.  For 20 years he travelled Ireland preaching and teaching and many times he was arrested and imprisoned and each time he was able to escape.  At about the age of 76 St. Patrick died on March 17, 461AD and later the day was then named St. Patrick’s Day in honor of him.

Over the years fact and fiction have blurred together but how did the 3-leaf clover, the color green, the leprechaun, pot of gold and even the Blarney Stone get in here?  I will give you the answer to the first one but you’ll need to come back again for more answers!  Legend states that he taught the Trinity by using a 3-leafed clover (shamrock).  Ireland also claims the lucky number 3.  Not only as in the shamrock he used to describe the Trinity, but numbers play an important role in Celtic symbolism and 3 is the most sacred number.  It can signify past, present and future; or behind, before and here; even sky, earth and underworld.  There are 3 well regarded accomplishments in Ireland they are a clever verse, music on the harp and the act of shaving faces.  Everything in Ireland comes in 3’s even down to telling a good story as it is based on threefold repetition.  Using this form of storytelling allows the ability to intensify the story and to exaggerate the story which is why quality pub talk can rarely resist a third adjective, especially if they wish to exaggerate a point!

Visit us again for Part 2 of Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!  If you looking to do a little St. Patty’s Day shopping for your Irish friends, be sure to check out our Irish Pub Gift Basket and get to the task of celebrating it in style!

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