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St. Patrick’s Day: Here and on The Emerald Isle

In our previous posts, we talked a lot about Irish folklore, the origins of St. Patrick’s Day, and how we love to celebrate here in the United States with green beer. But how about the real differences between the celebrations both in the United States in in Ireland? Let’s take a closer look on how both countries celebrate this special day.
In Ireland
St. Patrick’s Day is considered to be the National Holiday of the country and is widely celebrated throughout the nation. Parades, feasts, and festivals are all part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and in many cases, festivals go on all week long celebrating Irish culture and history. Many Irish speakers are brought in to educate others on traditional Irish culture through participation in events throughout the country. Also, like in other parts of the world, parades as well as the wearing of shamrocks and green clothing are widely practiced. For the church in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is regarded as an official church holiday by both the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic Church, honored through religious masses, rituals, and feasts.

In the United States
For the US, St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration and of course, parades. Some of the nation’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades include the ones in Savannah, Georgia, New York City, New York, and Scranton, Pennsylvania. Wearing green, dyeing public fountains and bodies of water green, decorating with shamrocks, and drinking green beer are often part of the celebrations that occur throughout the nation. However, unlike Irish celebrations of the holiday, St. Patrick’s Day in the US is not as heavily regarded as a religious. Both Irish and non-Irish peoples tend to celebrate this occasion through the nation.

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