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Ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Part 3

Now that you know all about who St. Patrick was, we’ve discussed the date of March 17th, uncovered the “green” mystery, the shamrock, the celebration and the green beer.  Now we will discover the remaining folklore of the Blarney Stone, the pot of gold and the leprechaun.

The leprechaun is an Irish fairy.  He is said to stand only 2 feet tall and is dressed somewhat like a shoemaker.  He is rather old looking and is said to be aloof and unfriendly as he lives alone and makes shoes.  Leprechauns are noted for having a hidden pot of gold and you can track it down by listening carefully to the sound of a shoemakers hammering.  If you can catch the feisty leprechaun you can force him into telling you where the pot of gold is.  But be very careful, he uses trickery and if he gets you to look away he vanishes and so does your hope of finding the pot of gold!

Travel to the Irish village of Blarney and you can visit the Blarney Castle where the famous Blarney stone can be found.  They say the Blarney Stone holds magical properties but exactly what they are no one knows.  One legend claims that an old woman cast a spell on this stone to reward the King who saved her from drowning.  It is said that when the King kissed the Blarney Stone it gave him the ability to speak sweetly and convincingly.  This stone is visited my thousands of tourists each year and for those who wish to have the same spell of speech they must climb the tower, stretch both backwards and downwards and if you’re lucky enough you can Kiss the Blarney.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.  Should you need to bring a St. Patrick’s Day hostess gift be sure to check out our Irish gifts for St. Patrick’s Day gifting.  We offer Irish gift baskets, Kiss Me I’m Irish cookie bouquet and we even have the family dog covered with our St. Patrick’s Day Good Dog gift basket.

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