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The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the only holiday that is best celebrated in pairs!  You can’t mention February without thinking of the day that falls right in the middle; Valentine’s Day.  So as I sat down to write this blog today, I thought how did this day of love begin?  Who were the key players and why is it all about love?

As history states Valentine’s Day was named after St. Valentine and unless you do some research all you will know is the TV commercial version of a cupid and an arrow.  History claims several versions of this romantic holiday and here’s my favorite.  Valentine was a priest who served in Rome during the third century.  The Emperor Claudius II loved to send his soldiers out into war for very long stretches of time.  This made for soldiers who were married very unhappy as they missed their wives and young families.  With unhappy soldiers, they became lonely and homesick and therefore did not do their jobs well.  This just wasn’t going to do for Emperor Claudius II so he then made the law that no solider could be married.  To the Emperor, this made sense; they couldn’t miss something that they didn’t have.  Valentine noticed the very injustice that the Emperor was doing so he decided to try and bring happiness to the soldiers and in secret began to marry young lovers.  Of course it didn’t take too long for the Emperor to hear of Valentine’s deeds and ordered that Valentine be put to death.  As any great love story goes Valentine does find his one true love as well.  For during his time spent in the Emperor’s prison he fell deeply in love with the prison keeper’s daughter.  She came to visit him many times and his love for her grew deeply.  Valentine was put to death on “Valentine’s Day” February 14 around 270 AD and just prior to his death he passed a love letter to her which he signed “From your Valentine”.  And the rest they say is history.

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