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Sweet And Meaningful Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re still stressing about what to get your sweetie, don’t worry – has you covered. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend this year and still want to do something romantic and thoughtful for that special someone, try out any of these great gifting ideas that don’t cost much.

The Way to a Valentine’s Heart…
…is through the stomach. Instead of taking your valentine out for an expensive dinner, opt to make something at home, but save the dessert until last so you and your honey can enjoy some quality time together in the kitchen. Try baking up something sweet with that special someone, like cupcakes or even heart-shaped brownies. Baking together will be the perfect ending to the perfect Valentine’s Day.
Show Your Valentine Your Artistic Side…
…by making that special someone a homemade card with a handwritten message on the inside. Woo your valentine by including a romantic letter, a photo of you two together, or even a poem you’ve written to show that special someone just how much you care. It’s super inexpensive – and your valentine will get something to always remember this special occasion by!
Get Up and Jive With Your Valentine… a great mix CD you made as a Valentine’s Day present. Include songs that focus on love, or ballads that remind you of your special someone. If you and your sweetie have a dedicated song that you think is “your song”, then be sure to include it on there too. Have some talent? Record a song on your computer that’s sung or played by you and then put it on your mix CD as the final track. Or, you can always just record a special message just for your valentine.

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